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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dulce of the Month...

Ok Sucias, I have a confession...
I AM OBSESSED with nail polish!!!!! My nails might not always be up to par, however, that does not stop me from craving & buying a new color of polish every now & then. I believe that a Sucia should indulge in a manicure at least once a month & if you can get a double whammy (a mani & a pedi) even better, plus the men LOVE it!
Therefore, I will be posting a new "Dulce of the Month" every month. Why "Dulce"...why not? Nail polish is addictive & sweet like candy. So for the month of March & in honor of St. Patty's Day I have found this amazing funky color that is absolutely luscious, Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze. It is a cool Kelly Green & doesn't look like all those other minty green polishes.

So go on queridas & treat yourselves to something nice!
Till next week Sucias!


Valerie's Junk Drawer said...

LOL! I'm soooo lame, I have 2 nail polish colors at my house. 2. My nails are either red or orange/red. I'm daring myself to try this Four Leaf Clover stuff...I think I can, I think I can!


Queenie said...

do it...I was all about only pinks & reds & then one day I wanted to be different & go funky...it lifts me up when I'm down lol

Miss K said...

Has Kristen told you about my box of nail polish? I probably have over 100! I LOVE nail polish too, and it's so cheap, I don't mind buying them all the time. I have a similar green to the one you posted about that I got from N. Rack that I love! I always get a lot of compliments from boys too when I wear green and blue shades. So funny.

Queenie said...

lol...my hubby read this post & he was all "Obsessed?" and I'm like "uh, have you seen my medicine cabinet?" lol...I LOVE IT & can't get enough!