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Monday, April 19, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos...

Happy 40th Birthday today to el Sucio himself...Mr. Luis Miguel! He has recently been in the news due to his hospitalization, however, there has not been any details in regards to this. Whatever the case may be I hope that he gets better soon. I have been to 2 Luis Miguel concerts and they both were amazing. LuisMi is not only a delicious handsome man, but he is a delicious handsome man with an amazing and beautiful voice that will melt any Sucias heart. A few of my favorite songs from him are: Si Nos Dejan, Usted, Fria Como el Viento, No Se Tu...I can keep going, but there are so many good songs, and I love when he sings with Mariachi, get me a cold beer or a ice cold margarita and I could listen to him all day!

How bout you Sucias, are you a LuisMi fan? Do you have any favorite songs? Here's to you Mr. Luis Miguel! Till next week Sucias! XOXO Queenie


Anonymous said...

I can't hate on this man for breaking so many hearts, especially since the females who choose to be with him know his history with women. He's dated dimes and put Mariah Carey in the hospital, not for physically abusing her, but for "breaking her heart." I haven't seen him live in concert, but I've watched him on DVD's and he puts on a show.

A handsome man, he is. A wonderful voice, he has. My only criticism is that the majority of his music is not original unlike singers such as Marco Antonio Solis or Joan Sebastian who may not compare to Luis Miguel's looks, but who can musically say they have not re-made someone's song on their albums.

Happy Birthday to Luis, and i hope the next time he goes on tour he performs in the Citizen's Bank Arena in Ontario. Some where close to home, and I'll see this guy live.

One Luv

Queenie said...

Thank you for your comment "One Luv". I also enjoy Marco Antonio Solis & Joan Sebastian great singers.