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Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Time for Dodger Baseball...

I was born and raised a Dodger Girl. Growing up I remember the 1988 World Series, I was six years old and can still recall Gibby's (Kirk Gibson) 2 run homer against the Oakland A's. Hardly being able to trot the bases and pumping his arm back and forth, that was (in my opinion) the Best moment in Baseball History!

With opening day right around the corner (April 13th), I can't get over the excitement of baseball season starting!! Aside from the Dodger Dogs and ice cold beer, I can't get enough of the eye candy on the field. Especially, the yummy right fielder, #16, Mr. Andre Ethier.

Ethier is not only one of my favorite players to drool over, but he is one of my favorite players to watch play the game. With 162 Hits, 31 Home runs & 106 RBI's in the '09 season, he was a key player for our Dodgers. Sure he had a his good and bad days, who doesn't? But I believe the Good out weighs the Bad for Ethier (can we say WALK OFF HOME RUNS?). Another thing that impressed me was that Ethier is not only a good ball player, but he also gives back to his community. He was born and raised in Arizona, however, he has raised money and volunteered his time to homeless shelters in the LA community. Last year he also held a Yoga class for fans with his personal yoga instructor in the outfield of the Chavez Ravine. (I hope he does it again, that would be an awesome experience!)

So here's to you Mr. Ethier on a fabulous 2010 Season, to my Doyers, Let's go boys! & to my Sucias, if you like the Dodgers or not, it doesn't really matter to me, as long as you get a chance to enjoy America's favorite past time at least once in your life! You won't be disappointed.

To all my Dodger Sucias, make sure to check out this blog...very informative and up to date on our boys in blue: www.vinscullyismyhomeboy.com
Till next week Sucias, Let's play Ball!

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