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Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day!

Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 9th) and you cannot forget this very special day. This is the one day that you honor the one person who not only nurtured you for 9 months in the womb, but who has also nurtured you throughout your childhood scrapes and bruises and more than likely is still nurturing you throughout your adulthood hangovers and heart breaks. Your mother has been there your entire life and now being a mother and looking back at everything my mother has done for my brother and I, I honestly don't think ONE day out of the entire year is enough to tell the one woman in your life that truly matters more than anyone (other than your wife, for any man who reads this) how much you love them and appreciate them. You can buy a card, flowers, take them to brunch to show your appreciation, but all that really matters is that you tell your mom "Thank You". So here's to all the Sucias that have endured labor pains, been up every hour of the night because your baby has 102 temperature, held your baby when their 1st love has broken their heart, smiled with pride as your baby has received that college degree, cried when you've had to let go and let them fly on their own. You are a MOM, you are the rock of our families and you are the reason we have succeeded in life! Till next week Sucias! XOXO Queenie


Miss K said...

very true! I have no clue what to get my mom or matt's mom yet either! eeeek

Queenie said...

ahhh, that's tough, but when in doubt go for flowers :) My mom always said it's better to get them & enjoy them when you're alive than to get them when you're dead.

Anonymous said...

A mother is the one person to respect, but the people that I greatly admire are the single mothers out there in the world. A mother that is happily married should continue to enjoy her life with her husband because once that bond breaks and there's kids involved, paradise is lost girlfriends. The only ones that can re-direct that single mother back to that enjoyable mind-state are the kids, but it is no easy task.

In this case, to all the single mothers out there, especially the ones that don't receive any support from "Dead-beat Dads," I raise my Corona Lite bottle to you...Salud! Enjoy tis day, because you deserve it.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommies bringing smiles to children's faces. Thank you for the love, commitment, and most importantly, the discipline. This generation needs it.

One Luv

Queenie said...

One Luv, thank you for your comment and bringing to my attention that I failed to mention/address "Single Mothers". Being raised by a single mother I have the utmost respect for them. I might not have mentioned "Single Mothers" directly, but they were included :)
Again, thank you, I always look forward to your comments!