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Monday, May 31, 2010

Have you met "The Brazilian"?

Hola Sucias! A couple of weeks ago I had quite the experience...I had my very first "Brazilian", technically it was my 2nd but I was very drunk the first time I experienced it (on my friends bathroom floor), I could hardly remember it (except for the after math-THE PAIN!), therefore, it does not count in my books (plus, it was several years ago). For those of you who don't know what a "Brazilian" is, it is when a Sucia plucks the petals off their flower. I decided to try this because I am so tired of having to trim up & shave my bikini area, I have very sensitive skin & get bad razor burn, no bueno, especially in the summer. I wanted to be carefree & I had been contemplating, "Should I?" "Should I not?", I sucked it up & said "What the hell, lets do this". Since I have a friend who does this for a living she told me she would hook me up for free, I had a sense of relief because not only was it free (yay) but it was someone who I've known since I was young and felt very comfortable with her. To prepare for this, I did trim up (if not it will hurt a lot more) & took 2 Aleeve about 30 mins. before my appointment. She gave me the option of using a "hard wax" or a "soft wax". I decided to try both & see which one I thought worked better. And so we did...I first tried the "hard wax" which is more painful, but is suppose to have better results. The wax is applied and then you wait, the wax has to dry & harden, then it is slowly picked at, once they have enough picked up for a good grip, it gets ripped off! The first couple of areas waxed weren't that painful, however, when it did get to a certain spot, I couldn't take it. So we switched to the "soft wax". This wax is applied then ripped off with a cloth strip. This method was way quicker & not painful at all! I had very little irritation or pain a couple hours after and nothing at all the next day. I will definitely do this another time & I'm absolutely set on the "soft wax" next time around. So women & men (I know of 2 of you out there, who read this) I would love your feed back on this...is it worth everything we go through for beauty? Till next week Sucias! XOXO Queenie


Anonymous said...

I don't know if guys can handle a Brazilian, regardless if it is a "soft wax." We have some extra skin hanging low and our two round friends wouldn't approve of that...No way! I can hear the screaming now...WTF. No thanks, a razor does the job fine.

To answer your question, beauty is no different from success: it is painful but rewarding. You want the perfectly toned body, you work your ass off at the gym and sweat, yell, and groan of soreness. You want the perfect smile, you need to deal with braces, floss, and bleach. You want a nice tan, you need to sit out in the sun and burn your body. You want a flat tummy, it takes thousands of sit-ups and a strict diet that kills food lovers like myself. But in the end, it is worth it.

Now, all the things I've mentioned are considered natural adjustments. By doing things the right way, it seems more rewarding.

One Luv

Anonymous said...

No hair, I don't care. I prefer only a landing strip, but everything else cleaned up nicely. No Pain, No Gain.

Miss K said...

I just got a wax last week, but left a "landing strip" to shave later. The sides sting more than hurt, but the center top hurts so bad, but I'm pretty sensitive there. The easiest to wax is the underarms and it's totally worth it!

Queenie said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, I enjoy them all the time...
"One Luv" ~ per my esthetician there are plenty of guys out there who get a waxing Down Under, apparently they are the male entertainers ;)
"Anonymous" ~ I think I will try the "landing strip" this next time around.
"Miss K" ~ I know exactly what pain you're talking about the "Center Top" all I can say is "oooouuuuchhhh!" lol!
Again, thank you guys!