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Monday, June 21, 2010

The 1st Week of the World Cup....

The Vuvuzela's controversy, Spain (one of the teams, favored to win) has 1 loss under their belt, the USA getting the winning goal robbed from them on their 2nd match of the tournament, Italy's hotties have tied both their games (not good news) & Kaka, one of Brazil's top player gets red carded on Sundays match...What more can you ask for in the 1st week of the World Cup! This has been an awesome start to this tournament and yes anything is possible, but I would like to address the whole controversy of "The Vuvuzela". For those of you Sucias who don't know the Vuvuzela is a horn that makes a distinct sound, it is the culprit of the continuous humming sound during the ENTIRE game. Now every other Soccer fan that I have asked about this doesn't seem to mind or didn't even notice the "humming" sound. It never even occurred to me that there was a "humming" sound, until my husband asked me "What is that sound?" I was so into the game that I replied, "Huh?..Oh, it's horns", his response, "It's annoying". Of course it is (this is me being sarcastic), especially coming from someone who could care less about Soccer. And that is what I have concluded, every non-soccer fan has found this sound annoying, but anyone who has been to a professional match knows that there are horns, drums, singing & outrageous costumes throughout the entire soccer match. IT DOESN'T BOTHER US! This is no different than going to a baseball game & hearing a heckling fan non-stop on a player the whole game, or going to a Football game & seeing those crazy Raider fans that sit in the "Black Hole" dressed up like they just came out of a Kiss concert or even the Dominican fans constantly drumming on their drums during a World Baseball Classic game. So why all the hating on Soccer? Why can't the Americans give this beautiful sport any love? If you can answer this for me, I would love to hear it. And come on, the Vuvuzela isn't annoying, it just adds to the whole ambiance of the game! Till next week Sucias! XOXO QUEENIE

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for responding so late. My computer caught a virus but now Im ready to write and argue. I wont fully counter against that hockey argument until after the World Cup. That claim that hockey is better than soccer is absurd. That Ducks fan that wrote that blog should have waited until the end of the cup before trying to make that argument.

If people have been watching the World Cup, they have been witnessing greatness, originality, passion, patriotism, and dramatic endings... components that hockey only hits occasionally. Even during the Winter Olympics, you wont see all of these attributes I just listed.

Stay tuned next week for my argument. Hockey is better than soccer...please! Let's take a world survey and see the results. There would be a thunderous laughter, louder than your so called "annoying" Vuvuzelas reacting towards that hockey claim.

One Luv