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Monday, June 14, 2010

La Copa Mundial till the end?

Oh my! My last post "La Copa Mundial" had the most comments than any other posts in the history of "XOXO Queenie" and I have to say I L-O-V-E-D IT! Everyone expressed their feelings and I enjoyed every word even if its from the only 3 readers that read my blog (thank u!). So that got me thinking...since the World Cup is a month long and has created so much involvement of my readers why not devote my next postings to the World Cup until it comes to the end (July 11th)! On another note, I would like to congratulate my precious prima, la fea sucia of them all for graduating college this past Sunday from UCR (majoring in Physics)! Bravo & we will be celebrating this weekend! Also this weekend we will be celebrating Fathers Day. I hardly grew up with my father in my life. My mother was a single mother, I had her and my older brother that filled in for that father figure. Every Father's Day I call my mom before anyone else & wish her a Happy Fathers Day and I've never told my brother what he deserves as much as my mom..."HAPPY FATHERS DAY BRO!" And a big HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my husband! He is so devoted to our boys and at times they may drive me crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for everything you do! You truly are the Best DAD ever! So Sucias "La Copa Mundial till the end?" I guess you will just have to come back & check it out! Till next week Sucias! XOXO Queenie


Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds like a great guy. I hope he has as good of a Father's Day as your Mother's Day was.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Anonymous has a sense of humor. My sister's husband is the epitome of a great father. He was raised by wonderful parents who displayed a superb example of parenting for him. I know this because I've met them and I can see that close relationship they have with their kids. Plus, any people that can take in my sister must possess a special patience and heart. It amazes me completely how my nephews' father is with his three boys. They love him to death and they should because he's there for them, and what's so important about that is that they know it and feel it.

For the Copa Mundial, I have no problem discussing this topic for an entire month, year or until the next one in 2014. It's a unique tournament. People try to compare it to the Olympics but I feel there is more buzz to it than the Olympics. Don't get me wrong, the Olympics are every four years like the World Cup and Olympic athletes are world class, but the support that you see behind each country in a World Cup is phenomenal. The singing, dancing, chanting, partying and even crying when a team loses isn't seen much in the Olympics. I recall when Spain in 1998 and Argentina, France, and Portugal in 2002 didn't make it out of the first group phase of the World Cup and their fans were sobbing ridiculously. That's how much this tournament means to the rest of the world. I even have a friend named Eric Afre who threw a huge temper tantrum and broke his coffee table when his team, Argentina, didn't make it out of the group stage in 2002. Would US fans express themselves the same way if we don't make it out of the Cup's first round? I doubt it.

Speaking of World Cup hotties, what about Shakira. She's the singer to the 2010 World Cup anthem. She should have made your list. She's hot!!!

One Luv

Queenie said...

Anonymous ~ you make me laugh..ha ha!

One Luv ~ I agree with every word...I think you should start your own blog about Futbol! (I would read it!) & Shakira is a hottie but she is not on team, therefore she didn't qualify for my post, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Since we have to talk about soccer all month, here is someone else's blog that I found entertaining.


Ducks Blog by Adam Brady
Like many of you, I've watched my share of the World Cup so far -- which is to say, I watched USA-England over the weekend and that's pretty much it. And I am among the thousands of Americans who, despite playing youth soccer for years growing up, just never latched on to the game as a spectator.

And while you can argue that fans of hockey should naturally be fans of soccer -- since the basic premises are similar -- I was reminded yet again on Saturday of how they really are very different. With that in mind, I present Why Hockey is Better Than Soccer:

- The Name
The world can't even agree on the name of the sport they're playing in the World Cup. Over here, it's "soccer." Pretty much everywhere else, it's "football." We already have football over here, which the rest of the world calls "American football." (Then again, soccer really is football more than football is football.) At least hockey is "hockey" all over the world, although they may add an "ice" in front of it outside the U.S.

- Scoring
As much as the NHL has done over the past few years to increase scoring, the game has never had the dearth of actual goals (and hence, actual excitement) that soccer has. While the 1-1 tie in the the U.S.-England 1-1 match on Saturday seems like a low-scoring affair, do you realize there has been just one match so far in this World Cup with more than two goals combined?

It's the actual shots on goal that are the real culprit. In a typical soccer match, 24 combined shots is a pretty good total; in hockey that's a fairly low number for one team. It's one of the many reasons why you don't want to look away from a hockey game for fear of missing something. In soccer, you can hit the bathroom, make a sandwich or add an addition to your house, and you probably won't have missed much.

- Penalties
In hockey, when you commit a penalty, they send you off the ice to the penalty box. In soccer, the referee holds a yellow piece of cardboard in your face. And if you're really bad, it's a red card. I've got to know, how did this start? And why didn't it go away?

- Those Godawful Horns
Chances are that a week ago, you had never heard of the word "vuvuzela." And now, you've probably learned to despise it. In case you don't know, vuvuzelas are those horns that fans incessantly blow during these World Cup matches, making it sound as if the stadium is being invaded by a swarm of 100,000 bees. Here's a delightful sampling of the sound. Thankfully, steps are being taken to decrease the audio level during the rest of the World Cup telecasts, prompting the writer of this story to lead with: It is safe to listen to the World Cup again without feeling like you want to put an ax in your head.

TO BE Continued...

Anonymous said...

- Toughness
Soccer players are notorious for diving to the turf and pretending to writhe in pain to draw a foul call, as if they've broken a leg. In hockey, when a guy actually breaks his leg, he's back for his next shift. Anyway, here's a nice montage of soccer dives, each one more ridiculous than the last. If a hockey player tried any of these, someone on the other team would make sure he had something to agonize about. (And even if they didn't, hockey has rules so that if you even appear to dive, you're sent to the box. Great rule. They should try it in soccer. And basketball, for that matter.)

- Ties
When an NHL regular season game is tied after regulation, it goes to five minutes of sudden death overtime, followed by a shootout. In the playoffs, it's 20-minute periods of sudden death until somebody scores. In the World Cup, if it's a tie, it's a tie. That is, until the matches move out of group play, when they play two 15-minute overtime periods (THAT AREN'T EVEN SUDDEN DEATH) followed by a five-round shootout, which they call "penalty kicks." Last year's World Cup championship game ended this way. It's the final game of the biggest sporting event in the world. Don't you think it's worth playing overtime until the cows come home, rather than relying on penalty kicks?

- The Clock
For whatever reason, the clock runs upward from zero in soccer, while it runs downward in every other timed sport. Each match is 90 minutes -- although not really. The clock keeps running during stoppages in play, while the referee notes the time elapsed and adds it on at the end of each half. So, as a result, no one in the stadium knows exactly when a half is going to end until the referee blows his whistle. Can you imagine that in hockey? Or basketball?

- Goalies
I've never really understood why soccer goalies (or "keepers") wear a different uniform than the rest of their team, and it's usually a completely different color than the team's colors. For instance, in the U.S.-England game, their keeper wore flourescent green while the rest of the team wore red and white. And our guy? Decked head to toe in ... orange. In hockey, the goalie's jersey looks just like the other guys' -- although a little more bulky.

- Hockey has ice girls
Enough said.

Unfortunately, we just said goodbye to the hockey season a week ago and the NBA campaign wraps up either tonight or two nights from now. Aside from mid-June baseball, the World Cup is pretty much all we've got right now. So, I guess I'll keep rooting hard for the U.S. (which doesn't play again until ... wow ... Friday).

While watching the U.S.-England game, a buddy turned to me and said, "We've watched nearly this entire game. Can you name an American player besides Landon Donovan?" The only other one I could come up with was the goalie who yells at his teammates, Tim Howard.

Although, that's probably because he was wearing orange.

Queenie said...

I will be posting a blog in response to this, thank you anonymous