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Monday, June 7, 2010

La Copa Mundial

The 2010 World Cup has arrived to South Africa! It begins this Friday June 11, 2010 & a new Champion will be crowned on July 11, 2010. I love the World Cup because it only comes around every four years, it is a highly anticipated event that is filled with awesome soccer matches between different countries & soccer HOTTIES (what more do I need to say)!!!! I have search through all 32 teams and have found some delicious eye candy! So here they are Sucias (in order by Country)...

1). Karim Ziani #15 (MF) ~ Algeria

2). KaKa` #10 (MF) ~ Brazil

3). Humberto Suazo #10 (FW) ~ Chile

4). Frank Lampard #8 (MF) ~ England

5). Nicolas Anelka #21 (FW) ~ France

6). Piotr Trochowski #15 (MF) ~ Germany

7). Carlos Pavon #9 (FW) ~ Honduras

8). Alberto Gilardino #19 (FW) ~ Italy

9). Fabio Cannavaro #5 (DF) ~ Italy

10). Cristiano Ronaldo #7 (FW) ~ Portugal
11). David Villa #7 (FW) ~ Spain
12). Fernando Torres #9 (FW) ~ Spain

13). Carlos Bocanegra #3 (DF) ~ USA

So there you have it Sucias...What do you think? Do you have a favorite team or player that you will be cheering for?

Till next week Sucias!




Miss K said...

#9, 10, and 13 are hotties! Thanks for a great post! mmmmmmmmm............

Miss K said...

Oh and #3,4,and 6 are too hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I have been told that soccer players are the sexiest athletes. Is it true? Is it the strict discipline they practice daily to maintain those washboard abs? Is it the fact that they possess the most balanced bodies: well built leg muscles (no chicken legs), abs and a well structured upper body frame? Or could it be that they also display a rhythmic flare with their feet. I've always argued that Dancing With the Stars will not have a professional soccer player competing because it will be a guaranteed victory.

That's right America, get ready because soccer is growing more and more. Don't get upset, just join the club of becoming a supportive soccer dad or a hot soccer mom. It's a beautiful game filled with beautiful people. This blog is illustrating that this week...but,

How can you leave out players from my favorite team, Netherlands? Or from Mexico? Some of their players may have some tasty churros for the female eye...Hahaha... That didn't sound good, but you know what I mean.

One Luv

Queenie said...

Miss K ~ I'll have a #9, #10, #12 & #13 Supersized please! lol those are my FAVS!!!

One Luv ~ It's true, Soccer players are one of the most sexiest athletes & they are even hotter when they can ball it up! & I'm sorry for not including anyone from the Netherlands or Mexico, as it was really hard & I had to pick the best that I found. But if you have any suggestions from those teams please feel free to send them my way ;)

Anonymous said...

Soccer is growing? Come on One Luv, I have been hearing that for the past 20 plus years, soccer is just not interesting. Anyone can play soccer, it takes zero skill to go out and run in circles and kick a ball. Sure there are different skill levels, but to go out and play is very easy. The top 3 major sports in the US take much more skill to play and have many more strategies to the games'.

Players diving, acting hurt, that is why soccer will never be a top sport in the US. I could go on and on, but it would really just be a waste of time, much like soccer. You can run all you want, but until there is some substance added to the game it will never be a major sport in the US. The World Cup is huge but only because it is the Olympics of Soccer. As far as hot players, there are attractive players in every sport, so don't waste your time with soccer.

Anonymous said...

On the eve of the World Cup, I decided to show a relative of mine this blog so that she could get a glimpse of these "attractive players" and what do I find, a soccer hater. It's okay, those comments just tell me that you nor the person in charge of this blog are avid soccer watchers. The World Cup isn't just soccer's only major event, in fact, there's world class tournaments going on every year with the top clubs in Europe, South America and North America. There are no fans more passionate about their teams than soccer aficionados. It's just that the US is still learning to embrace this sport and appreciate it's true art.

You say it's easy to play soccer by just going out, kicking a ball and running around, than baseball is just as easy by picking up a stick and swinging or bunting a ball and sprinting just 30 yards (90 feet). Or it's easy by just waiting in the outfield or infield eating sunflower seeds bored yelling "Hey Batter Batter" until the inning is over. Or better yet, it's as easy as clearing a bench and pretending I'm really going to do something with "all" of my teammates next to me...it's all show. I can go on and on.

Can you juggle a ball without using hands, dribble under control, kick a ball with accuracy, play a full 90 minute match with no time outs nor line changes other than just a halftime, work out problems on your own on that field because, like I said, there are no time outs that coaches can call to make adjustments. Players and coaches have to adjust on the flow of the game. Plus, coaches have to really contemplate each sub because they are only allowed three in a game and once you're subbed off in a professional soccer match that player cannot come back in.

Oh, and is faking a foul in soccer as dull as a basketball player that flops, or a football and baseball player that takes steroids. Soccer is the most genuine of all sports. That's a fact and that's why the world embraces soccer and ignorant people hate it.
Learn to applaud a nice pass that curves around a group of players, a spectacular save by an athletic goalkeeper, the dribbling control of a creative midfielder, a hard-nose tackle made by a defender, or the rocket shot placed with superb accuracy passed the goalkeeper. That's to name a few of the wonderful skill the game possesses. I say you watch some games from June 11 to July 11 and witness an atmosphere of sheer passion for this sport.

One Luv