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Monday, July 26, 2010


On Sunday nights I love to lay in bed & watch the HBO Series ENTOURAGE.  While this show is interesting & funny I love the all the delicious men that appear on it.  This season there has been plenty of guest appearances from Scott Cann (yummy) to John Stamos.  I'm not going to lie, I first started watching this because Adrian Grenier who plays "Vince" is a hottie, but I actually secretly have a huge crush on Jeremy Piven who plays the hard core agent "Ari".  Make sure to catch the eye candy on Sunday nights @ 10:30pm on HBO!

"You will come back stronger then ever. Like Lance Armstrong. But with two balls" - Ari Gold

Till next week Sucias!
XOXO Queenie

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sigue siendo el Rey...

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to go to an AMAZING concert with my mother.  We went to a Vicente Fernandez (or Chente ~ what many of his fans know him as) concert at the Citizens Bank Arena.  This was the 2nd time seeing him in concert for the both of us & again he put on a wonderful show.  This man has been performing for many, many years, he is 70 years old & can sing like a 20 year old!  I have been to many concerts in the past & have never been to one that can compare to his.  He had an opening act which was really good & she performed for about a half an hour and at about 8:45 pm he took the stage.  This man performed for 3 HOURS STRAIGHT we did not leave the venue until 11:50pm!  Yes, that's right 3 HOURS, no break, no intermission, no wardrobe change, just him in his traje de charro, his mariachi & his tequila!  Chente is the only performer I know that can go 3 hours with shots of tequila in between & even during songs. 
me & my mommy before the concert
 My mom holding her tickets (courtesy of my wonderful brother).
Sucias, if you've never been to a Chente concert...GO!!!!  This is definitely a concert that you have to see & experience!

So here is to you Chente!  To many more concerts & years to come, Salud!

Till next week Sucias!

XOXO Queenie

Monday, July 12, 2010

And then there was one...

SUCIAS! I was very happy yesterday when Spain became the CHAMPIONS! Spain and Holland faced off yesterday & played their hearts out for 120 minutes! Anyone who says this game was boring is insane!!!! There were numerous opportunities for both the teams and yet only one was able to score just 1 goal & a beautiful goal at that! I have posted some pictures of the Final Game...

A fan with a Game scarf..so cool!

The Octopus...prior to every game they would have an octopus pick a box to make a prediction as to who would win the game...Guess what...It picked SPAIN!
Andres Iniesta scored the one & only goal of the game & is now a hero for his country Spain.
Hottie David Villa celebrates with his team mates, Casillas & Puyol after the final whistle is blown.

All the hot Spaniard men celebrate after winning their first World Cup in the history of their country!

So here's to a beautiful & crazy World Cup 2010 finally coming to an end! Thank you to all the hot men that cried, celebrated, scored beautiful goals & last but not least Thank you to all the hot men that took off their shirts!

I can hardly wait till the next Copa Mundial 2014 in BRAZIL!

Till next week Sucias!

XOXO Queenie

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Break is over....

Last week I took a break from working out, cleaning house & writing my blog! I was physically & mentally drained and couldn't go on another minute & I actually got to enjoy some World Cup matches in peace! With that said, the World Cup has come to the end of its 3rd week & is heading into its final week of playing...Semi-finals, the 3rd place match & the FINAL is quickly approaching! It has been an AMAZING World Cup thus far! The favored team to win Brazil was eliminated by the Netherlands and it was heart breaking to watch team USA lose it in the 2nd round but that is how it goes...if you win you advance if you lose you go home! This past Saturday was the most intense for me by far, it was actually bitter sweet...I watched my Argentina team get spanked by Germany & Spain win with a beautiful Goal by one of my "World Cup Hotties" DAVID VILLA! There has been huge upsets by the teams that have been considered the "Under Dogs" and it is exciting to see who will be the team to WIN the CUP! Till next week Sucias! XOXO Queenie

Sunday, July 4, 2010


The Fourth of July is one of my FAVORITE holidays! You get to hang out in the warm weather by the pool or at the beach, eat some burgers & hot dogs with an ice cold beer & watch Fireworks in celebration of our Nations FREEDOM! We also celebrate the men & women who have given their lives, who have fought & continue to fight to keep this a FREE NATION! I LOVE THE U.S.A. & it made it that much more my Favorite holiday when 7 years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY YANKEE DOODLE DANDY, JULIAN ANTHONY CORONADO, III!