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Monday, July 5, 2010

My Break is over....

Last week I took a break from working out, cleaning house & writing my blog! I was physically & mentally drained and couldn't go on another minute & I actually got to enjoy some World Cup matches in peace! With that said, the World Cup has come to the end of its 3rd week & is heading into its final week of playing...Semi-finals, the 3rd place match & the FINAL is quickly approaching! It has been an AMAZING World Cup thus far! The favored team to win Brazil was eliminated by the Netherlands and it was heart breaking to watch team USA lose it in the 2nd round but that is how it goes...if you win you advance if you lose you go home! This past Saturday was the most intense for me by far, it was actually bitter sweet...I watched my Argentina team get spanked by Germany & Spain win with a beautiful Goal by one of my "World Cup Hotties" DAVID VILLA! There has been huge upsets by the teams that have been considered the "Under Dogs" and it is exciting to see who will be the team to WIN the CUP! Till next week Sucias! XOXO Queenie

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Anonymous said...

Hola, I'm back with more fire power. Well, As I mentioned in my last blog the previous week, I'm waiting until the end of the World Cup, which is this Sunday, to make my argument against that hockey buff that tried to state his claim about hockey being better than soccer. One reason is because he made a premature claim with out waiting for the World Cup tournament to end, and secondly, he's full of hockey-ice crap.

I'll admit that hockey is a very intense sport that is worth watching at times, but like every other sport, it does have it's flaws. So stay tuned for Monday's new post because by then we should see a new World Cup Champion crowned and an updated blog posted.

One Luv