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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sigue siendo el Rey...

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to go to an AMAZING concert with my mother.  We went to a Vicente Fernandez (or Chente ~ what many of his fans know him as) concert at the Citizens Bank Arena.  This was the 2nd time seeing him in concert for the both of us & again he put on a wonderful show.  This man has been performing for many, many years, he is 70 years old & can sing like a 20 year old!  I have been to many concerts in the past & have never been to one that can compare to his.  He had an opening act which was really good & she performed for about a half an hour and at about 8:45 pm he took the stage.  This man performed for 3 HOURS STRAIGHT we did not leave the venue until 11:50pm!  Yes, that's right 3 HOURS, no break, no intermission, no wardrobe change, just him in his traje de charro, his mariachi & his tequila!  Chente is the only performer I know that can go 3 hours with shots of tequila in between & even during songs. 
me & my mommy before the concert
 My mom holding her tickets (courtesy of my wonderful brother).
Sucias, if you've never been to a Chente concert...GO!!!!  This is definitely a concert that you have to see & experience!

So here is to you Chente!  To many more concerts & years to come, Salud!

Till next week Sucias!

XOXO Queenie


Miss K said...

How fun! Great pic of you and your mom too! Kristen, Tricia, and I missed you Sat night, but we're glad you had fun!

Queenie said...

Thxs Miss K!

Anonymous said...

I too have been impressed with Vicente's performance and his Mariachi as well. It amazes me how for three hours straight Chente nor his mariachi had to take a bathroom break when I'd see numerous people in the crowd taking their strides upstairs to quickly relieve themselves. Lets also mention that the man, "El Rey," gulped down about 15-20 shots of tequila during his concert, and he smoked a cigarette...hilarious! He is a true people's performer, and I don't care how much those tickets deflated my bank account, it was well worth it.

If I was granted three wishes, my first would be for my family to always be well taken care of. My second would be for Vicente Fernandez and Marco Antonio Solis to never die. And my third wish would be for one of those two artist to sing at my wedding... that's if I ever get married.

One Luv

Queenie said...

One Luv ~ good point about the bathroom...The 1st time I saw him in concert I was 7 months pregnant & never took 1 bathroom break, this time I had to take 2!!! & I love your wishes especially the one about you getting married...LOL!