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Monday, August 2, 2010

"Can I buy you a drink?"...

Sucias!  Have you ever been out with your friends, hanging out at a bar, having some drinks & a guy approaches & gives you a horrible pick up line & rather than laugh in the poor guys face you just smile & try to get rid of the guy the nicest & quickest way possible?  When I first started my blog, I had a request from a guy to do a post about "Bad Pick-up lines"  & at the time I thought that was a great idea, but one problem...this Sucia has been off the market for a really long time now & I can't even remember the last time a guy tried to pick up on me (I'm dying of laughter at this point, seriously)!  Sure there's the "Can I buy you a drink?", "You have beautiful eyes", "I love your smile", blah, blah, blah!  What I can remember is that in my "glory days" (prior to having babies & being married) guys used to come up to me & give me some of the funniest (pathetic funny) pick-up lines & at the end of the night on the way home my bestie & I used to exchanged the "best line of the night" but I can't remember exactly what they were.  So queridas, I know that there are some single Sucias out there that can contribute to this subject.  Please comment me your "funniest/worst pick-up lines" that you have or can remember that you have received.  I need a good laugh!
Till next week Sucias!
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Miss K said...

I was wearing a plaid shirt one time at a bar before plaid really came back in style. These two guys were trying to be rico suave and asked if I was a farmer! LOL IDK why they after thought that would work.

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes, wanna F#%K!

Queenie said...

Miss K - LOL that is an odd way to try to pick someone up.

Anonymous - Interesting...but I am curious, was this something that was said to you or that you have said to someone?

Anonymous said...

I told one of my over-weight friends one night to approach the attractive girl by the bar he was eying the whole night and tell her, "3 1/2 hours" and order himself a drink from the bar.

The girl would more than likely approach him and ask him why he said, "3 1/2 hours."

That's when he responds to her by saying very confidently, "It takes 3 1/2 hours at the gym every day to look this good."

The girl should get a laugh at that one. And that's the key: be original, make a girl laugh and feel comfortable around you. The rest is up to the guy.

Too bad my over-weight friend didn't try it. I think it could have worked.
One Luv