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Monday, August 9, 2010

I've been bit...

Yes Sucias, I HAVE BEEN BIT!  I would have never thought that I would be this intrigued with the best selling, tweenie bopper, Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer, as much as I am.  It has been 2 weeks since I saw Twilight the movie for the first time EVER.  At first I didn't know what to expect I figured it was a typical teenage love story & it involved vampires, blah, blah, blah.  Up until this point the only vampire movies that I had watched were Interview with a Vampire (Starring yummy Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt, ahhhh!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (remember that one?) & another blast from the past, The Lost Boys (an 80's classic!).  So when I sat down to watch the movie I was right!  Typical teenage love story, but almost with a Romeo & Juliet sense to it.  Because of this R&J feel to the love story, I was curious about what happens next in the sequel & the books.  So one of my co-workers brought me the first two books of the Saga...Twilight & New Moon along withe New Moon (the movie-of course I watched it as soon as I got home).  I have to be honest, these movies have horrible acting but I was looking past that in regards to the plot of the movie & the love story (yes, I am a hopeless romantic believe it or not).  I started to read Twilight & couldn't put it down!  I finished this book in 3 days & jumped into New Moon (the sequel/2nd book in the saga).  Needless to say New Moon was not as fascinating as Twilight, it took me a week to get through it.  New Moon was very slow, boring & much longer than Twilight.  Although I do have to say that the author Stephanie Meyers captured my attention again at the end of the book with a sudden marriage proposal (pretty much the cliff hanger).  While I enjoyed Twilight more, both books were more detailed than the movies were (they always are) and I was extremely happy that I watched the movies FIRST then read the books...If I had done it the other way around I know for a fact I would have been VERY disappointed with the movie.  If you haven't given these movies or books a chance, DO IT! 
I have to say I feel like a teenage girl with a secret crush....on a vampire!

Till next week Sucias!

XOXO Queenie

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Anonymous said...

Multi-sequel movies and novels become too lengthy and dry. I've never read Harry Potter and never intend to; as for Twilight, please, I'm 30 years old. Vampires and humans in love sounds unreal and cheesy to me; although I do give those authors credit for finding ways to ignite the teenage attention, which of course will always be a money maker.

The only multi-sequel movie that should ever get respected is Rocky, but of course after Rocky IV, that too got dry.

One Luv