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Monday, September 13, 2010

Has it really been 10 years?

YES, it has!  It's been 10 years since I have graduated from Chino High School (class of 2000).  I was pretty nervous on attending the reunion, considering I haven't seen a lot of people since we've graduated, and that I have never finished college, not to mention, I'm not really on the career path that I would have probably chosen, yet I was extremely happy that I did attend!  It was held this past Saturday at the Lucky Strike in Orange.  Yes, I know what you're thinking "a bowling alley?", but trust me this is not your average bowling alley, we had our own private room with our own private lanes, pool tables & servers.
Since our reunion was at a casual laid back place, I had a bit of a dilemma...What the hell was I going to wear?  The dress code was very vague, it was "Dress to impress"...While I love fashion, I like to think that I have an classic taste in clothes...I can go from girlie & frilly to jeans & a t-shirt.  And though most of the time I would love to wear what is in fashion right now, I find that I can never pull off what's "HOT".  So my 1st option was to get this one shoulder, black & white romper from Windsor's:

Cute right?  Well, I thought so until I tried it on, the medium was way too big on the chest part for me, so I tried on the small & guess what?  It was too tight on the chest part!  I went to many different stores & tried on many different outfits I wasn't happy with anything.  After a frustrating search for the perfect outfit & I made the decision to just wear a cute top, jeans & heels.  I also had some much needed reassurance from one of my sweet friends Miss K of Love, Lipstick and Pearls, who said "That's cute too!  That's what Cameron Diaz does", and so that's what I did!  Here are some pictures of the night...
blouse from Anthropologie, jeans from Nordies, heels Michael Kors & my every day Louis Vuitton purse (not pictured)
(this picture was actually taken at the end of the night, when we got home...hee hee)
My Michael Kors heels, yes they are a couple years old, but very comfy
(I actually fell in love & bought them because they reminded me of huarache sandals from Mexico ~ embracing my Hispanic heritage!)

Me & my Hubby
Me & my Bestie (ever since Jr High!) 

Friends from my class
an old friend since elementary school!

So here is to you my sweet Chino High class of 2000!

On another note, I have been contemplating of starting another blog of just me & my kids, almost a journal of my experiences with my boys, their comments, and life...let me know what you think?
Till next week Sucias!



Miss K said...

you look fab! Great choice for your look! This time of year is so hard to shop too because all the stores are transitioning.

Even though you may not have the job you want, I don't know many people who are as happy as you are and that my friend is success.

I think a 2nd blog would be fun!

Vanessa said...

We went to the same school lol, class of 05 here :-).