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Monday, September 27, 2010


September is almost gone & it's still 100 degrees outside!!!!  I want FALL here & I want it now!  I can't wait for everything October holds...sweaters, jeans, boots & BIRTHDAYS!  I definitely couldn't wait for a yummy tasting beer made by Spaten called "Oktoberfest" (I've been indulging in this beer for the past week....Mmmm Beer). 
I first had this "Oktoberfest" beer in Germany at Epcot, Disney World in Janurary.  My hubby loved it so much that when we got home he searched on the good old internet & found it at Bev-Mo.  Luckily we have a Bev-Mo a hop, skip & a jump away from our house.  So he went, bought a six pack & when he got home we popped open a bottle and to my surprise it tasted gross.  I told my husband it was not the same beer we had had in Florida, but he insisted that it was.  He continued to buy it & I refused to drink it.
Last week we were doing our bi-weekly Costco shopping trip & found a tower of cases of "Oktoberfest" beer.  My husband was so happy, I swear he was like a fat kid in a candy store.  We bought a case & when I got home I decided to give the beer a second chance.  Sure enough this is not the same beer they sell at Bev-Mo, this beer was the beer we had at Epcot!!!!  Actually, my husband was right, the beer that he bought from Bev-Mo is the same beer that we had originally had at Epcot.  But Bev-Mo must not store this beer properly or must have it on the shelf too long because it definitely has a different taste, almost like a skunked taste.  Now that I know Costco is the place to buy this beer & my hubby's 30th is coming up, I will be buying a couple of cases for the festivities & I can't wait!!!


Till next week Sucias!


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Anonymous said...

Your husband has great taste in beer.