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Monday, October 18, 2010

Jujupalooza ~ The Dirty 30

This past weekend my husband turned 30 & we celebrated by doing a Pub Crawl in Newport Beach.  For those of you who have never done a pub crawl, you pick a date, start time, theme and go bar hopping!
 Our theme/name of the crawl was "JUJUPALOOZA ~ THE DIRTY 30", we provided shirts and fake mustaches for everyone who wanted to wear them.  Our crawl started at 1pm went to 8 bars (YES, 8 BARS!) and got home around 12am.  While I don't remember a certain part of the night (3 bars to be exact)  I do remember starting out the day at the first 4 bars.  After the 4th bar, Sharkeez, that is where it went downhill (thanks to the "Shark Attack"). 
This was our Pub Crawl agenda:
1.  Rudy's
2.  Malarky's
3.  Newport Brew Co.
4.  Sharkeez
5.  Districts
6.  Beach Balls
7.  Mutt Lynchs
8.  Cassidy's
We also ran into other "pub crawls" who both had cowboy themes.  But ours was awesome and here are some pictures of how the day/night went!
Bar #1 ~ Rudy's

The Hubby w/the boys

Bar #2 ~ Malarky's

This was awesome, they served him his beer in a milk jug!

Bar #3 ~ Newport Brew Co.

Me & the Hubby

That's how I roll

Me & the Girls w/our staches!

J & J

Me & the Hubby w/our Staches

on our way to bar #4 ~ Sharkeez (this is where I stopped taking pictures of the outsides of the bars!)

The Hubby w/my prima L!


Loved the shark floating in there, ha!!!

This is where it went down hill!

The Hubby finishing up the "Shark Attack"

The boys!  (this pictures is blurry but its too funny not to post it!)

My bestie K w/my prima L

The Hubby w/one of his long time friend, J!

The Hubby enjoying his day!!!
While I couldn't post all the pictures & couldn't remember part of the night we had one of the best time of our lives!!!! 

Happy 30th Birthday Babe, I luv Ju!!!!

Till next week Sucias!



Miss K said...

What a great time!! Love the theme and the shirts look fab!! I'm so bummed Matt and I had to miss it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was present for the first three bars and I was already catching a good buzz. My self-discipline kicked in because that was a long drive home and I had tickets to the Laker game that evening.

What's crazy is that after saying goodbye to people after drinking at Newport Brew Co. I knew that was going to be the turning point from being buzzed to drunk and wasted. I had fun with all the different people I met for the first time.

PS- how come you didn't mention that Beckett and Lackey of the Red Sox were also there celebrating at the first bar?

One Luv

Queenie said...

Thanks Miss K! Sad you guys missed out, but plan on the 2nd annual birthday pub crawl next year, we will be celebrating both our birthdays!

One Luv ~ I was very happy that you at least came for the 1st 3 bars! & I forgot about Lackey & Beckett lol

Luciana said...

Two words... "BANG BANG"