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Monday, November 29, 2010

I Love L.A....

One of my favorite things to do is to take a drive to downtown Los Angeles & shop in the garment district.  I usually go with my mom & every now & then my prima L comes with.  At the garment district you can find a fabric print or amazing prices that you can't find at the normal commercial fabric stores.  Every time I go not only am I looking for different fabric prints, but for inspiration, inspiration in the people, stores & the architect of the buildings.  Oh & I can't forget my favorite part of my outings...The FOOD TRUCKS!  Out of the last 3 times I went I only remembered once to take pictures with my camera...here are some pics of my L.A. outings.

There is literally rows & rows of fabric that line the street...

(Shout out to Prima L..lol)  The fruit con chile, limon y sal.... 

Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs!  These are straight up, the real deal, L.A. Hot Dogs... 

This is what I do with the fabric I buy in L.A....I create a one of a kind party for my boys... 

I just started doing these for the fun of it...Hand painted & sewn by yours truly...

So Sucias, do you ever take trips to downtown LA?  Do you enjoy food from the street vendors like I do?  What do you think of my creations?

Till Wednesday Sucias!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Like Miss Veruca Salt sings..."I want a feast...I want a bean feast!"

Ok, so I don't actually want a "BEAN FEAST" but I definitely  WANT a FEAST & tomorrow can not come fast enough!  For the past couple of years I have been baking pies every Wednesday before Thanksgiving with my mother in law.  We make our pies from scratch with home made pie crust, home made whipped cream & our pumpkin pies are made with real pumpkins (not that can stuff).  They are the best pies ever!
I am truly grateful & blessed to have an amazing family & we are very fortunate to be able to have an amazing feast year after year when there are so many out there that aren't so fortunate.
I hope everyone has a blessed & Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Till Monday Sucias!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks...

home made banner, by me :)

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away and I cannot wait for Thursday to get here!  Today I am going to keep it simple. 


Till Wednesday Sucias!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Breakfast at Anthropologie...Friday Review

Feliz Friday Sucias!  At times I literally wake up have my coffee/green tea in one hand & surf Anthropologie's website in bed (so Holly Golightly, minus the bear claw). 
This past summer I saw this cute little number Anthro's website & I fell in love with it.
Distant Chirping Chemise by Eloise
I waited for it to go on sale, but it is no longer available online & never went on sale (boo).  About 2 weeks ago I just happened to stop by Anthro and luckily my store had 2 left!!!  One medium & one small.  I tried on the medium because according to the reviews I was reading online everyone was saying that it ran a little small and guess what?  It was too big!  Yay!  So I tried on the small and it was as if it was made just for me.  The kicker is I actually found it in the "intimates" section, but hello, I don't care what it's suppose to be it is My New Little DRESS!  I love this Chemise, the birds and colors scream "fall" to me.  I thought it would be a bit see thru but it isn't and it was just the right length hitting me about mid thigh.  It is super comfy and doesn't hug or clingy to your body like some other dresses do.  I only have one problem...how should I wear it?  I took a couple of pictures but I'm stumped...Sucias, H-E-L-P!

Here it is paired up with some fun blue tights (Target) &
my Steve Madden boots
Blue tights again but with my cowboy boots

I'm trying to get out of my norm with what I wear & try to be "adventurous"...I want to pair this up with a cute cardi but can't decide on what color I should pair it with...also thinking about possibly pairing this with some of those cute socks with the boots look.

What do you think?  Which look do you like best?  Or don't like?  Fashion advice is always welcomed :)

Till Monday Sucias!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Hello, my name is Queenie and I am an Anthropologie ADDICT.  I guess it doesn't help either that I live a hop, skip and a jump away from it (right across the street!).  It's funny I thought I was the only person that pretty much craved Anthropologie, but I was wrong.  Since I have been blogging I have been coming across other bloggers that have fun interesting blogs, but I was surprised & excited when I found other bloggers that actually dedicate their entire blog to just ANTHROPOLOGIE!  (here are 3 that I like to read: you me & anthropologieanthroholicfru-gal anthropologie)
For those of you Sucias & Sucios that don't know what Anthropologie is, it is this fab store (a little on the $$ side but well worth it) that sells cute classic cut clothes along with accessories and home decor.  I can literally spend hours there and get lost in the "Kitchen" and "Sales" section.  My majority of purchases from Anthro are actually from the sales section where you can find a STEAL OF A DEAL.  I have purchased tops and skirts originally priced at $70 for $19.99!
While I couldn't post the entire catalog so I have picked out my top 5 picks that I WANT & WANT IT NOW!
Magic Ikat Teapot $98, Magic Ikat Sugar $24, Magic Ikat Creamer $24
(Page 6, Nov. 2010 catalog)

Final Flourish Heels $178
(page 47, Nov. 2010 catalog)

Toasty Rose Scarves $28
(page 58, Nov. 2010 catalog)

Pied Piper Boots $298
(page 69, Nov. 2010 catalog)

Spinning Lace Dress $288
(page 87, Nov. 2010 catalog)

There you have it, my TOP 5 PICKS out of so many beautiful items!  DON'T CARE HOW, I WANT THEM NOW!

Come back & check out my Friday Review on a recent Anthro purchase!

Till Friday Sucias!


Monday, November 15, 2010

To be "ME" or Not to be, that is the Question...

To "Ink" or not to "Ink"?  To "Bang" or not to "Bang"?  To be "Me" or not to be?

About 4 years ago I got my one & only tattoo.  It is about the size of a quarter and on my lower abdomen, low enough to where it cannot be seen by anyone unless of course I show them.  Before I married my husband he was well aware of my interest in tattoos and I was well aware of him not being so fond of them.  But I always thought he would let me do what I want to when it came to eventually getting one and he did, but he also was very upset with me.  And now I'm wanting another one, I could actually go for a couple but don't know if I should.  If I do get another tattoo I want to get it outlined in color, not in black and have it on the inside of my foot where it would end on the inside of my right ankle.  I love small dainty ones, like some of Rihanna's and Angelina's, but I'm not a fan of the big tattoo.  Here are some pictures...

Fan of: 


Not a fan of:

On another note, I had an impulse to get bangs awhile ago when I saw this picture of Penelope Cruz:

I printed this picture took it to my hair stylist and told him "Now I know I'm not Penelope, but I love her bangs lets do this!"...he laughed of course and told me Bangs are a great way to change up a look so we did.  I had mix reviews by different people, some people loved them, some on the other hand hated them.  Here is what I looked like...
Here my hair is pulled back in a pony w/bangs

and here my hair is straight w/bangs
The other day I woke up and one of my favorite movies was on.  The one movie that made me fall in love with Penelope Cruz for the first time, "Vanilla Sky". 
I love how her bangs are so subtle and wispy.  And so I had another impulse...to get bangs again!  I have a hair appointment this Friday and have yet to make up my mind about getting bangs.

Sucias, do you have any tattoos?  How do you feel about tattoos?  Are you a fan of bangs?

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Till Wednesday Sucias


Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Review...

Feliz Friday Sucias!  I had the chance to wear my brand spankin' new Jessica Simpson "Carpy" boots this week.  These boots are very comfy and insanely light but I don't think there is enough padding on the sole of the boots.  But that is nothing a little foot padding insert can't fix!  Here are some pictures of me in my boots...

Photo session courtesy of my 3 year old son who loves to take pictures ~ watch out Ansel Adams!
Black leggins ~ Target
"Amour" Sweater ~ Downtown LA
J.S. Carpy boots ~ Macy's
Can't wait to pair these boots up with tons of other outfits this fall & winter season!

Happy Weekend!  Till Monday Sucias!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This week I have devoted my blog to BOOTS!  So I guess you can guess what I want today...that is right...BOOTS!!!  On Mondays post I mentioned a pair of cowboy boots that I have owned for a very long time.  Well I think the time has come for this country girl to get a new pair.  After having my third son my feet grew!  Yes, my feet grew...I never believed it when people would tell me that after having kids they had tons of changes with their body and that their feet were one of them.  But sadly it's true.  I have some cute pairs of shoes, heels and sadly my cowboy boots that now fit me pretty snug due to my feet growing from my pregnancy.  So here are a couple of cowboy boots that I would love to have but will just have to wish I had them right now...

Available at Nordstrom.com for $159.95

These brown boots have a design with colored stitching that makes them cute and very girlie for a "cowgirl next door" look.

Available at Zappos.com for $134.00

I'm a hopeless romantic and for some reason these boots scream out "AMOR" to me.  These are exactly what I want to wear when I want to go out & paint the town RED! 

Available at Howellswesternwear.com for $190.00

These black & teal boots are super fun and funky for the girl who just doesn't care what anyone thinks!  These are for my girls who just want to have FUN!!

Available at Kegcreekbootsandsaddle.com for $179.00

These are cute boots that I would probably wear with everything everyday.


So what are y'all thinking?  Did you like any of these boots?  Which ones do you think I should save my pennies for?

Come back on Friday to check out my review of my first day in my Jessica Simpson Boots!

Ciao!  Till Friday Sucias!


Monday, November 8, 2010

These boots are made for walking...

Fall has been here but we have had 90 degree weather here in Cali!  I need the Fall to REALLY get here, I want to wear my leggins, sweaters & boots!!!  I am extremely picky about the kind of boots that I buy and the past 2 years I have been on a mission to buy a pair of black boots.  You would think black boots are everywhere how could it be that difficult to find black boots...again, I'm EXTREMELY picky!  On my 2 year search for boots I would find boots that were either too expensive, too short, too tall, funky heels or my biggest turn off they were FAKE LEATHER!  In my closet I have only 3 pairs of boots that I wear a lot & that I LOVE...
I know these are not cute but I have had these Ugg boots for about 3 years now & I love them.  I wear them with just about everything...my sweat pants, jeans, leggins, even my PJ's.  These are my #1 boots to go to when I go anywhere and especially when I spend my days in the ice rink.

These are my go to boots when I am up to getting ready from head to toes!  My hubby bought me these one year for Christmas (actually the same year he bought me my Uggs), we were shopping & passed by the Steve Madden store & when I saw these it was love at first sight...ahhhh!  I have owned these for about 3 years now & every time I wear them I get a complement (seriously, not exaggerating).  I wear these with jeans, leggins & sweater dresses.

I bought these boots over 8 years ago for a country concert.  I am truly a country girl at heart...I grew up in Chino (Cow Country) and my Abuelito was a dairy man and a true vaquero.  It is in my blood to be a little country!  While I don't wear these boots as much as I wear my other 2 boots, they are the best made boots I have ever purchased.  I wear these boots with everything, from shorts to dresses to even my summer rompers!

Have you noticed a pattern...Yes, all 3 boots are BROWN!  That is why when I found these fab, Jessica Simpson boots at Macy's a couple of weeks ago I had to get them.  When I went to purchase these boots they were all out of my size so the sales associate offered to order them for me & have them shipped to my house free of charge.  I agreed & purchased them on sale along with an extra 15% off so my total came out to $101 (incl. tax ~ these boots are originally $160)!!!  Can you say "DEAL"!
I just got them in this past week...they sit right below my knee, the heel is just right about 2 1/2 inches tall, they are BLACK and (brace yourself) they are FAKE leather!  I know, I know the one thing I hate the most, but these are actually the best fake leather boots I have found and love.

I can't wait to try these out this week, I'm thinking maybe a comfy over sized sweater with some leggins or jeans!

So what do you think Sucias?  What are your favorite style of boots?  What do you like to pair your boots with?  Are you a boots kind of girl or do you prefer something different?

Don't forget to check out "I WANT IT WEDNESDAY!" ...here's a hint...it's gonna be a "BOOTS" kinda week here at this blog!

Till Wednesday Sucias!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"Gooses, Geeses!"  "I want my geese to lay golden eggs for Easter...at least a hundred a day!"

I always tease my boys when we watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that I LOVE Veruca Salt, because she is like me and wants everything!  Needless to say this is a tad bit true.  I want plenty of things, and like Veruca I usually "Want it NOW", but in a realistic world, I can't have everything I want.  However a girl can always dream can't she? 
That is why I'm adding "I WANT IT NOW WEDNESDAY!", where I can share the things that I WANT and wish I could have.  Some things will be outlandish, maybe a bit crazy, somethings might be reasonable and eventually if I save my pennies I can treat myself to something sweet!

kodak playsport

The Kodak Playsport.  Its a hand held mini HD video camera that is waterproof, can go 10 feet under water and it runs about $150.00.

"Don't care how, I want it NOW!"

Till Monday Sucias!