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Friday, November 19, 2010

Breakfast at Anthropologie...Friday Review

Feliz Friday Sucias!  At times I literally wake up have my coffee/green tea in one hand & surf Anthropologie's website in bed (so Holly Golightly, minus the bear claw). 
This past summer I saw this cute little number Anthro's website & I fell in love with it.
Distant Chirping Chemise by Eloise
I waited for it to go on sale, but it is no longer available online & never went on sale (boo).  About 2 weeks ago I just happened to stop by Anthro and luckily my store had 2 left!!!  One medium & one small.  I tried on the medium because according to the reviews I was reading online everyone was saying that it ran a little small and guess what?  It was too big!  Yay!  So I tried on the small and it was as if it was made just for me.  The kicker is I actually found it in the "intimates" section, but hello, I don't care what it's suppose to be it is My New Little DRESS!  I love this Chemise, the birds and colors scream "fall" to me.  I thought it would be a bit see thru but it isn't and it was just the right length hitting me about mid thigh.  It is super comfy and doesn't hug or clingy to your body like some other dresses do.  I only have one problem...how should I wear it?  I took a couple of pictures but I'm stumped...Sucias, H-E-L-P!

Here it is paired up with some fun blue tights (Target) &
my Steve Madden boots
Blue tights again but with my cowboy boots

I'm trying to get out of my norm with what I wear & try to be "adventurous"...I want to pair this up with a cute cardi but can't decide on what color I should pair it with...also thinking about possibly pairing this with some of those cute socks with the boots look.

What do you think?  Which look do you like best?  Or don't like?  Fashion advice is always welcomed :)

Till Monday Sucias!



Miss K said...

i like both shoes, i don't have a preference. the outfit is SO CUT!!! i seriously love it and it will be so easy to layer w/cardigans and scarfs! i think for the shoes, it depends where you're going.

Luciana said...

Julie happened to be over my shoulder sticking her nose in my business like always.... we both agree that the cowboy boots look best with it!....

Lucy & Julie

Queenie said...

Thanks Ladies! I love both boots with this outfit I just have to find the perfect cardi for it :)

Alien said...

The dress looks fabulous on you, I like the combo with the boots! I like the first boot better, maybe it's the lighting but it looks like it's the exact colour of the design. The second look looks pretty too :)
I'd suggest getting a light coloured cardigan, beige would be a safe choice but try it with a light blue or green. (it should be the right shade though, or else it would look funny :P)