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Monday, November 8, 2010

These boots are made for walking...

Fall has been here but we have had 90 degree weather here in Cali!  I need the Fall to REALLY get here, I want to wear my leggins, sweaters & boots!!!  I am extremely picky about the kind of boots that I buy and the past 2 years I have been on a mission to buy a pair of black boots.  You would think black boots are everywhere how could it be that difficult to find black boots...again, I'm EXTREMELY picky!  On my 2 year search for boots I would find boots that were either too expensive, too short, too tall, funky heels or my biggest turn off they were FAKE LEATHER!  In my closet I have only 3 pairs of boots that I wear a lot & that I LOVE...
I know these are not cute but I have had these Ugg boots for about 3 years now & I love them.  I wear them with just about everything...my sweat pants, jeans, leggins, even my PJ's.  These are my #1 boots to go to when I go anywhere and especially when I spend my days in the ice rink.

These are my go to boots when I am up to getting ready from head to toes!  My hubby bought me these one year for Christmas (actually the same year he bought me my Uggs), we were shopping & passed by the Steve Madden store & when I saw these it was love at first sight...ahhhh!  I have owned these for about 3 years now & every time I wear them I get a complement (seriously, not exaggerating).  I wear these with jeans, leggins & sweater dresses.

I bought these boots over 8 years ago for a country concert.  I am truly a country girl at heart...I grew up in Chino (Cow Country) and my Abuelito was a dairy man and a true vaquero.  It is in my blood to be a little country!  While I don't wear these boots as much as I wear my other 2 boots, they are the best made boots I have ever purchased.  I wear these boots with everything, from shorts to dresses to even my summer rompers!

Have you noticed a pattern...Yes, all 3 boots are BROWN!  That is why when I found these fab, Jessica Simpson boots at Macy's a couple of weeks ago I had to get them.  When I went to purchase these boots they were all out of my size so the sales associate offered to order them for me & have them shipped to my house free of charge.  I agreed & purchased them on sale along with an extra 15% off so my total came out to $101 (incl. tax ~ these boots are originally $160)!!!  Can you say "DEAL"!
I just got them in this past week...they sit right below my knee, the heel is just right about 2 1/2 inches tall, they are BLACK and (brace yourself) they are FAKE leather!  I know, I know the one thing I hate the most, but these are actually the best fake leather boots I have found and love.

I can't wait to try these out this week, I'm thinking maybe a comfy over sized sweater with some leggins or jeans!

So what do you think Sucias?  What are your favorite style of boots?  What do you like to pair your boots with?  Are you a boots kind of girl or do you prefer something different?

Don't forget to check out "I WANT IT WEDNESDAY!" ...here's a hint...it's gonna be a "BOOTS" kinda week here at this blog!

Till Wednesday Sucias!


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Miss K said...

cute black boots! i agree with you that it's so hard to find boots!! especially ones that don't look like the belong to a stripper, a pirate or BOTH!