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Monday, November 15, 2010

To be "ME" or Not to be, that is the Question...

To "Ink" or not to "Ink"?  To "Bang" or not to "Bang"?  To be "Me" or not to be?

About 4 years ago I got my one & only tattoo.  It is about the size of a quarter and on my lower abdomen, low enough to where it cannot be seen by anyone unless of course I show them.  Before I married my husband he was well aware of my interest in tattoos and I was well aware of him not being so fond of them.  But I always thought he would let me do what I want to when it came to eventually getting one and he did, but he also was very upset with me.  And now I'm wanting another one, I could actually go for a couple but don't know if I should.  If I do get another tattoo I want to get it outlined in color, not in black and have it on the inside of my foot where it would end on the inside of my right ankle.  I love small dainty ones, like some of Rihanna's and Angelina's, but I'm not a fan of the big tattoo.  Here are some pictures...

Fan of: 


Not a fan of:

On another note, I had an impulse to get bangs awhile ago when I saw this picture of Penelope Cruz:

I printed this picture took it to my hair stylist and told him "Now I know I'm not Penelope, but I love her bangs lets do this!"...he laughed of course and told me Bangs are a great way to change up a look so we did.  I had mix reviews by different people, some people loved them, some on the other hand hated them.  Here is what I looked like...
Here my hair is pulled back in a pony w/bangs

and here my hair is straight w/bangs
The other day I woke up and one of my favorite movies was on.  The one movie that made me fall in love with Penelope Cruz for the first time, "Vanilla Sky". 
I love how her bangs are so subtle and wispy.  And so I had another impulse...to get bangs again!  I have a hair appointment this Friday and have yet to make up my mind about getting bangs.

Sucias, do you have any tattoos?  How do you feel about tattoos?  Are you a fan of bangs?

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Till Wednesday Sucias



Miss K said...

I'm not a fan of tattoos for myself, but if it's something you want and you and your man agree on whatever go for it!

As for bangs, I like you best without, but you can definitely rock them. With hair, I always say to do it bc hair GROWS BACK.

Either way, I'm eager to see what you do with both!

Anonymous said...

NO ON BOTH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't criticize tatoos because there's one printed on my back. It's the only one I'll put on because of its significance. I always told myself that if I'm going to put something on me permantly it better be something I won't regret. Other than the one I already have, I haven't thought of any other tatoo that can parallel it's importance.

My advice to you would be to get something meaningful, and remember that you have kids. Be ready for them to question you about them. You shouldn't get something that you have to hide from them.

Consequently, I don't know s*** about bangs. Do what you want.

One Luv