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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday Review ~ Black Friday...

Sorry Sucias...I was having a bit of a problem with Blogger a couple of nights ago & couldn't post pics for this post until now.
Feliz Friday Sucias!  Last week after I stuffed myself with turkey & sweets I passed out about midnight only to wake up around 5:15AM to do some BLACK FRIDAY shopping!!!  Every year (for about the last 5 years) my mommy & I wake up like idiots & tag team the black Friday mayhem.  Don't get me wrong there are some awesome deals out there & totally worth it (especially when you have kids that want cool electronics) but we have learned how to keep calm when others go crazy & how to work as a team - I'll stand in line at a store while she shops & vice versa.  All in all, I LOVE TO SHOP ON BLACK FRIDAY! 
This year I was on a mission to get the "Wayne Gretzky Slap Shot" hockey game for my little "hockey nut", which was only on sale at Best Buy.  This game looks so cool, it comes with a hockey stick to play with & originally it was priced for $69.99 & I got it for $39.99.  I was also able to get good deals for video games, accessories & toys for my boys.  Sorry, I couldn't post any pic's of this stuff cause they were awake running around while I was doing my blog & didn't want to spoil anything for Christmas morning.
But these are my favorite finds of the day...HINT:  I had BREAKFAST at ANTHROPOLOGIE.

"Sugar Coated Shirt Dress" by Edme & Esyllte
originally $128 - bought it on sale for $59.99

Tried to take a picture of the sleeves but couldn't (it actually ties in a knot or you can roll them up!)

 I loved this dress as soon as I put it on...my madre on the other hand wasn't too thrilled about the color & the ribbon tie.  This dress has a classic "A" line cut, figure friendly & can pretty much be worn with any kind of shoe...boots, heels & flats.  This picture really doesn't do the dress color justice...it has almost a berry color to it along with a pretty blue.

"Gifted Skirt" by Odille
originally $78 - bought it on sale for $34.95
When I originally saw this dress on the sales rack I wanted to buy it & then I talked myself out of it.  The entire week after I was obsessing over this skirt, what I could pair it up with, what shoes or tights I could jazz it up with so when I walked in on Friday I went straight for it & I'm so happy I did.

When I tried on both these pieces I automatically felt like Audrey...both dress & skirt have that 50's flare to it and I didn't feel guilty purchasing these pieces for 3 good reasons:
1).  I need clothes for work (especially now that we are getting more doctors)
2).  The dress & skirt can be worn year around, they are both a classic cut & will never go out of style.
3).  Um...HELLOOOO...I saved over 50% off the original price!
As soon as I wear these I will do an update post with some pics of me in them.

So how was your "Black Friday" Sucias?  Did you ladies dare to run wild in the jungle?  Did anyone find any good steal of a deal?

Till Monday Sucias!



Dea said...

The Sugar Coated is lovely, so happy that you got it!! I bought it last month and just adore its shirtdress appeal.

Queenie said...

Thanks Dea, I can't wait to wear it :)

chellemorgan said...

Love your purchases! Both have a great 50s vibe which is so chic :)

Xo Chelle