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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I want a tiny little Christmas fairy to come & decorate my entire house for Christmas!  Luckily when I got home from work last night the hubby had already traded out my everyday dishes to my Christmas dishes...yay (Thanks Babe!)!  Don't get me wrong, this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of the year, Christmas always makes me feel like a little kid again.  I blast the Christmas songs, bake the cookies, plan for my Christmas day brunch, make my peppermint bark & decorate pretty much every room in my house with holiday decor.  The only thing that is putting a damper on my holiday cheer is that I've been working a lot, running around with my son (school & music lessons) & this is one of the busiest time of year for my hubby's company so we are NON-STOP working & the only time to decorate is at night after work.
So little CHRISTMAS FAIRY, if you're out there, I WANT YOU NOW...please come H-E-L-P me get ready for CHRISTMAS!

Oh & on another note ECLIPSE comes out this Saturday on BluRay & yes....I WANT IT NOW!!!

How about you Sucias...do you love to decorate for Christmas?  Are you excited for Eclipse?

Make sure to stop by on Friday for my "Feliz Friday Review" of my Black Friday Finds!!!

Till Friday Sucias!



Miss K said...

Good luck with everything! This whole season gets so crazy!! At least your dishes are out and ready to get full use of them for the month! You're already ahead of the game! I want to see Eclipse too, idk if i'll see it in the theatre though. Can't wait for your reviews on friday!

Queenie said...

Thanks Miss K. I was able to get the rest of my Kitchen Christmas Decor out tonight after work. If you get the chance watch Eclipse (it comes out on DVD/BluRay on Sat.), its by far one of my favorite movies of the series.