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Monday, December 13, 2010

Michelle my belle...

Last night on my way home from my work trip I was inspired for todays blog.
I swear I should have been born in the "60's" era...not only do I love the fashion but I L-O-V-E the music.  My hubby & I had to do a turn around trip to Vegas for work yesterday & on the way home I blasted my Elvis Christmas & Beatles play list on his Ipod (yes, my music, his Ipod).  While jamming out to my music I told the hubby if I could go back in time to see any concert it would be 1). "The Beatles" & 2). Elvis.  "The Beatles" are one of the best bands of all times & of course I was named after one of their songs (middle name of course)..."Michelle my belle"...I find it fitting too that my son's name is Julian (same as John Lennon) & when he gets married I plan on doing a full on choreographed routine to "Hey Jude" (which was a song written for Julian, John's son) - By the way my son doesn't know this yet, but he will in about 25 years from now, hee hee!  This past week while Christmas shopping I was getting ready to check out & what do I see when I glance over...the cover of LIFE magazine ~ Remembering John Lennon.  Yes, I bought it & I'm glad I did, it is amazing & full of beautiful pictures of my favorite Beatle.
I don't know what it is about "The Beatles" & John Lennon's music, but it feels as if certain songs were written just for me.  I've mentioned it before & I will mention it again...I am a hopeless romantic & "All you need is Love" is by far one of my all time favorite songs...
"There is nothing you can do that can't be done...All you need is love..."
...Seriously, does it get any better than that?

Till Wednesday Sucias!



Miss K said...

we're in the same boat sister! the 60s are one of my fave decades and i would have loved to live back then. i'd also love to see the beatles in concert. hey jude is my fave song, and my dad and i are dancing to it at my wedding.

Valerie's Junk Drawer said...

Agreed! I love "all you need is love". I think I'll listen to it right now. a better pick-me-up than an afternoon latte.

Anonymous said...

50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, early 2000's: I love all music and respect every artist that has influenced our cultures and country some how through their rythmic imaginations. I will say this, we are in need of a Beatles band today to not only write and perform real music, but to give a loving and positive message the same way they did in the 1960s. I've grown extremely disappointed in today's artist and song themes. Notice how I did not mention 2010 in my list above, because it's true.

Here's a question for you Queenie: Who can you say would be today's John Lennon? Tough to answer isn't it?

Queenie said...

Miss K ~ No way!!! I love it :)

Anonymous..I don't think I can answer that question...your comment makes me think back to that conversation we had over lunch.