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Monday, December 6, 2010

Te Amo Abuelito Nico...

I apologies Sucias for not posting earlier today.  I had a special post in mind all last week for today but when it came to Sunday I was pooped out and passed out before I could do my post.

For as long as I could remember I adored my Abuelito Nico.  He was a dairy man, owned a ranch & was a true cowboy.  He bought me my first pair of cowboy boots, cowboy hat & taught me how to ride a horse.  He was a handsome, hazel eyed, slender giant that I always looked up to (seriously he was over 6 feet tall).  My fondest memories of my Abuelito is being on the ranch with him & my cow "Pinky" & the other one is sitting with him at the dinner table.  When he would come home from working all day at the ranch he would wash up & then call me for dinner.  Regardless if I was hungry for dinner or not, I HAD to join my grandfather at the dinner table while he had his supper.  After dinner he always had a cup of coffee along with a cigarette.  Once he was done then I was able to do as I pleased, but when he sat at the table I was required to sit with him & I never argued or complained about it.
He passed away over 12 years ago & not a day goes by that I miss him, especially today, his Birthday.

Happy Birthday Abuelito Nico!

Till Wednesday Sucias!



Miss K said...

what sweet memories! thanks for sharing!

ps you totally nailed it with Phil & the lights. he took them down the next day and re-strung them himself. LOL!!!

Luciana said...

I can certainly relate to you here. While we didn't share this same grandpa in particular, we do share Abuelito Lupe. Amongst many things, I miss his unmistakable laugh that would flutter through out the house almost like a soundtrack to our "luchas" and other childhood games.

Cheers to all grandpas....