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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday is the New Friday...

Hi Sucias!  Now I know I said I would update you every Friday, but let me tell you it has been a crazy couple of days for me.  On Friday I had a posting ready to go but I was running on fumes and so I never got around to posting the pictures....but here it is...

It's FRIDAY & I'm in LOVE! 
Feliz Friday Sucias!  I can't believe how fast this week has gone by.  I am exhausted!  I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I picked this week to start working out.  Not only did I have to watch what I was eating, I had to actually do some physical exercise & finish last minute things for my middle son's little birthday party.  Now when I say little, I am referring to our immediate family, however, this is over 25 people!  Anyhoo, on to my much promised Friday Review from "Get into the Groove".  This week I did some power circuit training and running.  Let me tell you, I have been sore all week.  Why the heck do we get into shape only to let ourselves go (again) and then put our bodies thru hell again?  It never fails the first week I'm always cursing myself "Why the heck didn't you keep up with your work out schedule?" "Why didn't you just eat healthy!?"  but at the end of my workout I ALWAYS feel refreshed, even if my legs feel like jello.  I know everyone told me "you're not going to see any difference, it's only the first week" but on the contrary I do see a difference, in my Energy!  I know physically I wasn't going to see much of a difference and of course I didn't.  Oh & of course I typed in the wrong weight...I had actually written it down correctly but when typing I did a type-o.  Ooops!  Trust me I'm not trying to lie or cheat  because I honestly have nothing to hide.  My starting weight should have been 138.3 Lbs.  I did do another weigh in & here are my pictures from week 1 & week 2.

137.1 Lbs.
Measurements - No Change
Yay!  I lost 1 pound!  But I actually feel like I look bigger in my 2nd weeks pics than I do in week 1.

Week 3 here I come!!!

On another note I am changing it up again!  Any suggestions for hair color?
Till Wednesday Sucias!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


BUENOS DIAS SUCIAS!  We are half way thru the week & I am feeling great but physically I am in pain!  I am so sore from the past 2 days but I'm sticking to it!  What a difference a little work out can make.
This Wednesday I'm doing another "Breakfast at Anthro".  I woke up the other morning to check out Anthro's website only to find some darling dresses & I cannot wait till they go on sale.  I don't know what it is about traveling to a tropical location but it has me craving dresses! 

Here are a few of my favorite finds...disfrutan!

  Now, I would never pay this much for a maxi but it is freakin' cute & I will probably find something just a cute & for about $20 in Downtown L.A.

  "Paraiso" mean paradise in Spanish so this would be perfect for Belize...I'm thinking rehearsal dinner?

 Navy, Green & Birds what more could a girl ask for?  When I first saw this dress at the store it was love at first sight.  I wanted it right then and there but had to hold myself back & so I am waiting patiently for it to go on sale...hopefully it doesn't sell out quickly!

 YELLOW IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!  This dress is literally a ray of sunshine another top pick for the Rehearsal dinner.

And these are fun picks that I REALLY WANT & WANT THEM NOW...

Coconino Sling Bag $148
 My hubby hates it when I wear cross body bags but I just tell him "Indiana Jones wears one"...they are perfect when we go to Dodger games, Disneyland & travel!

 This is a super cute coin purse & I'm in need of a new one.  I have thrashed my other one.  They are perfect for carrying your id, coins & $ bills in.

 I have been dying for a pair of animal print flats & these are exactly what I have been looking for!

Hope you enjoyed breakfast with me at Anthro!  "Don't care how, I want it NOW!"

Till Friday Sucias!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Get into the Groove...

Ok Sucias, I only have 50 something odd days/7 weeks till we leave for Belize & I am so not bikini ready.  I keep saying that I need to work out, but I haven't done one thing about it.  I even bought the "Personal Training with Jackie - Power Circuit Training" & hand weights, yet they are still in the Target shopping bag.  I did start to change my eating habits.  I was consuming about 3 cups of coffee a day & that wouldn't be so bad if I didn't drown it with sugar & that is bad.  I slowly started to reduce my coffee intake & started replacing coffee for green tea (with no sweetener added).  Some days I can get by with green tea all day but every now & then I have just 1 cup, not too shabby eh?  I also decided to eat more salads, go vegan for a day every week, eat tons of Lentils (which are packed with Iron & Protein & did I mention how much I LOVE them!).  I also bought healthy snacks, carrots, celery & almonds.  Oh & NO MORE BEER!!!  To finish it up I have started my workout routine today!  Wait, there's more...
Today I am doing something that I NEVER thought I would do.  I'm putting it all out there on the world wide web.  I am posting pictures of what I look like...without clothes!  PLUS, measurements & weight.  I figured if I HAD TO update you every week with a picture & stats then I know for a fact that I will get into the groove of working out.  (I honestly can't believe I'm going to do this....Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!)...

135.3 LBS
RT. ARM ~ 10 1/2 inches
LT. ARM ~ 11 inches
RT. LEG ~ 20 3/4 inches
LT. LEG ~ 20 1/4 inches
BUST ~ 35 inches
WAIST ~ 30 inches
HIPS ~ 38 1/2 inches

My goal is to lose about 5 Lbs. (my gut) and get toned.  I will be doing a review every Friday with updated pictures & stats, now I know it will take awhile to see results but I HAVE TO DO IT EVERY WEEK to keep me motivated.  So stay tuned!

Till Wednesday Sucias...a little hint...we will be having breakfast!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Feliz Friday...

Feliz Friday Sucias!  The hubby has gone out to play for the weekend & so I am home with my 3 boys, this is going to be fun!  This week I came across this new blog Nessa Loves Makeup.  She is a fellow So Cal girl & has some great makeup tips so make sure to check her out!  Yesterday she did a questionnaire & asked that we did it too.  I have decided to post mine to my blog & give you some fun little tidbits of me.  Lets start shall we?...

1. Where are you from and how’s the weather there right now?  Beautiful Southern California...it is super warm I can't believe I am able to wear my skirts & rainbows.  It is still January isn't it?

2. Favorite color?  Yellow...it always seems to brighten up my day.  Over the years pink has grown on me & I love every shade of it.

3. Favorite places to shop?  Anthro, Target & Nordies

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?  PASTRY CHEF :)

5. Tell me five things you like about yourself:  I can plan a darn good party, I'm creative & crafty, my eyelashes are long & beautiful, that I can push out some pretty beautiful babies, & my laugh 

6. How tall are you?  5'6"

7. What’s your style?  I like to think that I have a classic & laid back look...I love 50s/60s style cut dresses & skirts (think Audrey Hepburn) but sport jeans, vintage t-shirts & flip flops

8. Favorite trend right now:  Leggins, tunics & flats  (I don't know what it is but they are so comfy)

9. Least favorite trend right now:  hmmm...tuff, I think if you can rock it then sport it.  But if I had to pick one then it would be Ed Hardy clothes (yes, I still see people wearing it)

10. What are 4 makeup items you can’t live without?  Mascara, Blush & lip gloss, everything else I can live without

11. What beauty product/service do you splurge on?  Eyebrow waxing, yes I know it some people spend like $7 but I found someone that does an amazing job, doesn't over wax/pluck & I never break out after so its totally worth the $$ I spend & my MAC cover up.

12. What beauty product/service do you skimp on?  Mascara for sure, I started to use CG Lashblast when it first came out & haven't switched since.

13. Favorite show?  Oh, gees...I'm a reality TV junkie & I love it all

14. Favorite songs right now?  Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are" & I've been jamming a lot to Taylor Swift & Paramore lately

15. Best restaurant you’ve ever been to?  Favorite restaurant by far is "Owen's Bistro" in downtown Chino.  It is super small & you have to have reservations but they serve a 3 course meal over a 2 hr time period so you get to sit & enjoy your dinner, they are not rushing you to turn the table.

16. How old are you? (or feel :-)28

17. Best part of this week?  Watching my son receive academic awards at school for straight A's & getting him Baskin Robins for doing an awesome job.

18. Random beauty related story?  The last time I went to MAC to get a new color blush, I was indecisive (surprise, surprise!) so I let my 7 year old son pick out the color...the Sales associate was so shocked that I asked my son to pick the color, she couldn't help but laugh (really hard) & told me that was the 1st time anyone had ever done that.

19. What color nail polish are you wearing?  "You don't know Jacques" - OPI

20. Weekend plans?  Finish Birthday banners for my middle sons little party next weekend

Pheeewww!  There you have it, Happy Weekend!

Till Monday Sucias!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I want it, your vote on shoes & I want it now!
8 weeks/58 days to go for the Besties wedding in Belize!  I go this week to meet with the seamstress who will be doing my dress.  The bride has requested that I wear white, so I purchased one of my favorite fabric, Dotted Swiss, while on one of my excursions in Downtown LA a while ago at $4.99 a yard, amazing right?!  I'm thinking of doing an above the knee, almost 50's/60's silhouette, full skirt with an organza dotted swiss bow on my right front side.
My Commadre, the St. Louis bride has requested that we wear an Ivory dress & she has already ordered them which should get her in April, which makes me a little nervous since her wedding is at the end of May.  The dresses we will be wearing are a long length one shoulder chiffon dress.
I am so proud of these brides on making the decision to be different with their wedding party colors and having White & Ivory for our dresses.  Most brides choose their favorite colors but these Brides have gone "Out of the Box".  A lot of brides also have this perception that they are the only one that should be wearing "White" on their wedding day.  I honestly had never heard of that & never thought that it was taboo to wear white if you are a guest until one of my dear friends (and I am not going to name any names) went on a rant about it one day.  I think that it is the Brides day and whatever she wants she should get.  I also personally think its going to look super chic in our photos and not very many people do something different like this. 
Here are samples of what the dresses will look like...

This is an example (dresses on left) of what the Belize Beach wedding dress will look like but made of the white dotted swiss

Dotted Swiss material

Ok, I don't know what happened here, but you can see pretty much what the St. Louis dress will look like, but in Ivory
With that being said I get to pick shoes for these dresses.  Wooo hoooo!!!!  The St. Louis Bride has requested that we get any heel in a light pink color for our ivory dresses.  And, I figured I might as well wear the same shoes to my Besties wedding too.  Her ceremony will be on the beach (which I will wear flat sandals) but I definitely want to wear cute heels for the dinner & reception.
Here are my top 5 picks for Shoes (in no specific order)...

1). Badgley Mischka ~ Dusk Pumps 

2). Badgley Mischka ~ Lanah Pumps

3).  BP Platinum Medina Sandal

4).  Chinese Laundry ~ Haylie

5).  Steve Madden ~ Fifi
  Cast your votes now Sucias, I am extremely indecisive & I NEED your HELP!

Till next time Sucias!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Globes....

Sucias!  I have so many things I want to share, but today I'm only going to pout, hee hee!  I'm a little sad I missed the Golden Globes last night.  The Golden Globes & The Oscars are my favorite thing about Hollywood.  I love to watch the red carpet & by the nominees it gives me a good idea as to what movies to watch.  Since the hubby & I have 3 kids we very rarely go out to the theaters (& not to mention the price it is now just to go to the theaters, gees louise!).  This year I have been dying to see the following movies (no specific order):

1).  The King's Speech
2).  Black Swan
3).  True Grit
4).  Country Strong
5).  Blue Valentine

Have you seen any of these movies lately?  Are there any movies that you specifically want to or are dying to see? 

Since I missed last nights red carpet, I'm eager to read other blogs about it.

Till Wednesday Sucias!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Review ~ "Water for Elephants"

Feliz Friday Sucias!  I haven't done a book review in awhile & I read a great book last month, literally in 2 days!  I was on a mission to find a great read, of course I love the romantic love stories & I was a little burned out Mr. Sparks (he's just so predictable sometimes, don't you think?).  I had heard that Rob Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon had just finished making this movie called "Water for Elephants", but that was it.  I had no idea what this movie was about.  One day I was at Target in the book section & found "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen, the name sounded familiar but I couldn't remember from where, then quickly remembered Mr. Pattinson (swoon).  I bought the book not even reading the flaps to find out what it was about.  I just figured if they made a movie of it, it has to be good right?  When I started to read it I couldn't put it down, I loved everything about it.  If someone would have told me to buy this book about a circus (yes, a circus) I would have probably just passed it up.  But this book took me to a place where I had never been before.  It took me back to the time where Americans were struggling in the depression era and the only form of entertainment other than the picture show, was the traveling circus that would arrive by train.  This novel is narrated by a character that goes back and forth with his current state (as an elderly man) & with his past (as a lost young man).  I don't want to give too much away, I just want you to go out & buy this book!  I know you will not be disappointed & you will fall in love in 2 days...just like me, I guarantee it!

Till Monday Sucias!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I want a grenade & I want it now!  And I need it to throw at all those dumb "New Year's Resolutions" & burn them into a million little pieces! Haa haa!  I am so tired of hearing "My new year's resolution is to lose 15 lbs...",  "My new year's resolution is to be a better person...", blah, blah, blah!   Really, I think people just set there self up for disappointment.  Let's be realistic, how often do you hear someone say "I'm still on track with my new year's resolution..." in July?  Ok maybe Miss K from LLP is the only exception...last year she gave a resolution update every month on her blog. LOL.  Also, why do you need a New Year to make a change?  I feel if you really want to make a change & you're ready to make that change, you will.
Till next time Sucias!
XOXO Queenie

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

Helllooooooo Sucias!  I'm back!  It has been awhile since my last post, but with the holidays & work I really had 0 time to be on the computer.  I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas & wonderful New Year because I know I did.  I've been dying to share my holidays with you so here are "My holidays in a nut shell"...I made my peppermint bark and spiced nuts for my co-workers.  This has become a favorite for both my co-workers now that I HAVE TO MAKE IT EVERY YEAR FOR THEM.  I also make it for my oldest son's teacher, piano teacher & violin teacher.

We did our annual Tamale making night with my in-laws.

The boys were super excited this year for Christmas & I LOVED every minute of making Mexican hot chocolate for them and watching Christmas movies, listening to them sing Christmas songs, getting excited to see Santa & watching them open up gifts was the icing on the cake.  On Christmas Eve we went to my Grandmas house where we just stuffed our belly's with yummy Tamales, cookies & Champurrado. 

I did my annual Christmas Breakfast, which was a hit (as always).

My hubby got me a Snowboard for Christmas (sorry no picture, yet).  I'm not a good snow boarder by any means, but I have so much fun doing it.  With all the great snow we recently got here in California I can't wait to hit the mountain w/my hubby soon.  My beautiful madre gave me a KitchenAid Mixer. 

This is the color I got, "Green Apple"
 I was so excited for this because I have been wanting one for the longest time.  I feel like a true baker now & I've used it so many times already, it is the best gift I've ever received.  I told the hubby using this KitchenAid and making all these wonderful cakes, pies & cookies, it has reminded me how much I REALLY WANT TO GO TO PASTRY SCHOOL...ahhh, one day.

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting, both made from scratch with my mixer for my sons birthday
Lemon Meringue Pie ~ the Meringue was so easy to make with my mixer & it came out beautiful!

The brother gave me an Anthro gift card, which I blew the very next day, hee hee!  I bought a shirt dress that I was dying for and was holding out for it to go on sale, but when I checked the website it was almost sold out.  So I sucked it up & bought it at full price (sorry no pic of this either, but I will do a review on the dress soon).  We ended our day with dinner at my in laws house.

The In Laws (this is immediate family only LOL)
 For New Years my hubby & I kept it very low key.  We were invited to a dear friends home along with my bestie & her hubby (3 couples total).  It was so much fun & relaxing to just eat, drink & be with close friends.

The Girls

The Boys

Cheers!  Happy New Years!!
I had a wonderful Holiday & I hope you did too!  I'm also glad to be back & catch up with all of my blogs. 

Till Wednesday Sucias!