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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Review ~ "Water for Elephants"

Feliz Friday Sucias!  I haven't done a book review in awhile & I read a great book last month, literally in 2 days!  I was on a mission to find a great read, of course I love the romantic love stories & I was a little burned out Mr. Sparks (he's just so predictable sometimes, don't you think?).  I had heard that Rob Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon had just finished making this movie called "Water for Elephants", but that was it.  I had no idea what this movie was about.  One day I was at Target in the book section & found "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen, the name sounded familiar but I couldn't remember from where, then quickly remembered Mr. Pattinson (swoon).  I bought the book not even reading the flaps to find out what it was about.  I just figured if they made a movie of it, it has to be good right?  When I started to read it I couldn't put it down, I loved everything about it.  If someone would have told me to buy this book about a circus (yes, a circus) I would have probably just passed it up.  But this book took me to a place where I had never been before.  It took me back to the time where Americans were struggling in the depression era and the only form of entertainment other than the picture show, was the traveling circus that would arrive by train.  This novel is narrated by a character that goes back and forth with his current state (as an elderly man) & with his past (as a lost young man).  I don't want to give too much away, I just want you to go out & buy this book!  I know you will not be disappointed & you will fall in love in 2 days...just like me, I guarantee it!

Till Monday Sucias!



Luciana said...

Funny that you posted this, I've been meaning to ask you for an opinion on books. I finished The Time Travelors Wife (yes it started slow, I put it down for a few months, then picked it up again and loved it). Any other books you recommend (other than the twilight books)?

Queenie said...

Blahh haa...hey don't knock Twilight until you have read them...I'm telling you they are pretty bad as movies but the books are way better.
If you haven't read "The Help" get it. It was really good (not a romance). I'm on the market for a new book too, so if I come across something I'll let you know.