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Monday, January 24, 2011

Get into the Groove...

Ok Sucias, I only have 50 something odd days/7 weeks till we leave for Belize & I am so not bikini ready.  I keep saying that I need to work out, but I haven't done one thing about it.  I even bought the "Personal Training with Jackie - Power Circuit Training" & hand weights, yet they are still in the Target shopping bag.  I did start to change my eating habits.  I was consuming about 3 cups of coffee a day & that wouldn't be so bad if I didn't drown it with sugar & that is bad.  I slowly started to reduce my coffee intake & started replacing coffee for green tea (with no sweetener added).  Some days I can get by with green tea all day but every now & then I have just 1 cup, not too shabby eh?  I also decided to eat more salads, go vegan for a day every week, eat tons of Lentils (which are packed with Iron & Protein & did I mention how much I LOVE them!).  I also bought healthy snacks, carrots, celery & almonds.  Oh & NO MORE BEER!!!  To finish it up I have started my workout routine today!  Wait, there's more...
Today I am doing something that I NEVER thought I would do.  I'm putting it all out there on the world wide web.  I am posting pictures of what I look like...without clothes!  PLUS, measurements & weight.  I figured if I HAD TO update you every week with a picture & stats then I know for a fact that I will get into the groove of working out.  (I honestly can't believe I'm going to do this....Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!)...

135.3 LBS
RT. ARM ~ 10 1/2 inches
LT. ARM ~ 11 inches
RT. LEG ~ 20 3/4 inches
LT. LEG ~ 20 1/4 inches
BUST ~ 35 inches
WAIST ~ 30 inches
HIPS ~ 38 1/2 inches

My goal is to lose about 5 Lbs. (my gut) and get toned.  I will be doing a review every Friday with updated pictures & stats, now I know it will take awhile to see results but I HAVE TO DO IT EVERY WEEK to keep me motivated.  So stay tuned!

Till Wednesday Sucias...a little hint...we will be having breakfast!



Miss K said...

OMG that's a great idea! you have such a cute shape already, but i know what you mean about getting in better shape. I think you'll totally do it! i can't wait for updates!

Vanessa said...

Girl, you look fine! The tummy thing can be tricky, but I have a few friends that swear by the p90x thing. I'm just forcing myself to run every other day and do bleachers at CHS (even though I want to cry during those lol). We'll get to our goals! Sugar snap peas are a great snack and they have that crunch that chips have without any of the bad stuff :-)

Queenie said...

Thxs Miss K but you know I've always said my clothes hide a lot LOL

Vanessa ~ Thxs for the pointers (I'm too much of a sissy for p90x & I need to start running again!). BTW are you talking about CHS (Chino High)?

Vanessa said...

Yes I am lol, the big bleachers there kick butt and you pretty much want to hurl yourself off of the top when you're done, but your tush will be sore the next morning. I take my bf so he can train me and keep me going when I want to quit; something I want to kill him for in the moment, but feel so thankful for the next day :-)

Queenie said...

What the! I thought you were in the local area, but from the same town?! Insane! BTW those bleachers are Killer & your so right about them.