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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Globes....

Sucias!  I have so many things I want to share, but today I'm only going to pout, hee hee!  I'm a little sad I missed the Golden Globes last night.  The Golden Globes & The Oscars are my favorite thing about Hollywood.  I love to watch the red carpet & by the nominees it gives me a good idea as to what movies to watch.  Since the hubby & I have 3 kids we very rarely go out to the theaters (& not to mention the price it is now just to go to the theaters, gees louise!).  This year I have been dying to see the following movies (no specific order):

1).  The King's Speech
2).  Black Swan
3).  True Grit
4).  Country Strong
5).  Blue Valentine

Have you seen any of these movies lately?  Are there any movies that you specifically want to or are dying to see? 

Since I missed last nights red carpet, I'm eager to read other blogs about it.

Till Wednesday Sucias!



chellemorgan said...

The only one I've seen on your list is Black Swan, which was terrifyingly awkward and amazing. I'm also dying to see the rest of the movies too!

Xo Chelle

Queenie said...

I've heard it is just insane & can't wait to see it, thanks for the comment Chelle

rachaelkrystina said...

You have to go and see Black Swan. It was ridiculous! I would see it again and again.
Plus the costumes, done partly by the Rodate girls, were breathtaking.

-- Rachael of latentblatant.com