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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I want it, your vote on shoes & I want it now!
8 weeks/58 days to go for the Besties wedding in Belize!  I go this week to meet with the seamstress who will be doing my dress.  The bride has requested that I wear white, so I purchased one of my favorite fabric, Dotted Swiss, while on one of my excursions in Downtown LA a while ago at $4.99 a yard, amazing right?!  I'm thinking of doing an above the knee, almost 50's/60's silhouette, full skirt with an organza dotted swiss bow on my right front side.
My Commadre, the St. Louis bride has requested that we wear an Ivory dress & she has already ordered them which should get her in April, which makes me a little nervous since her wedding is at the end of May.  The dresses we will be wearing are a long length one shoulder chiffon dress.
I am so proud of these brides on making the decision to be different with their wedding party colors and having White & Ivory for our dresses.  Most brides choose their favorite colors but these Brides have gone "Out of the Box".  A lot of brides also have this perception that they are the only one that should be wearing "White" on their wedding day.  I honestly had never heard of that & never thought that it was taboo to wear white if you are a guest until one of my dear friends (and I am not going to name any names) went on a rant about it one day.  I think that it is the Brides day and whatever she wants she should get.  I also personally think its going to look super chic in our photos and not very many people do something different like this. 
Here are samples of what the dresses will look like...

This is an example (dresses on left) of what the Belize Beach wedding dress will look like but made of the white dotted swiss

Dotted Swiss material

Ok, I don't know what happened here, but you can see pretty much what the St. Louis dress will look like, but in Ivory
With that being said I get to pick shoes for these dresses.  Wooo hoooo!!!!  The St. Louis Bride has requested that we get any heel in a light pink color for our ivory dresses.  And, I figured I might as well wear the same shoes to my Besties wedding too.  Her ceremony will be on the beach (which I will wear flat sandals) but I definitely want to wear cute heels for the dinner & reception.
Here are my top 5 picks for Shoes (in no specific order)...

1). Badgley Mischka ~ Dusk Pumps 

2). Badgley Mischka ~ Lanah Pumps

3).  BP Platinum Medina Sandal

4).  Chinese Laundry ~ Haylie

5).  Steve Madden ~ Fifi
  Cast your votes now Sucias, I am extremely indecisive & I NEED your HELP!

Till next time Sucias!


Miss K said...

i've heard (and mostly agree with) that you shouldn't wear white to a wedding. it's also said that you should wear red either, but i think that one is disappearing. I also think it depends on the culture as well and what they're customs are.

i've seen a couple of ivory dresses and think it's really pretty! whatever the bride wants, she should get, it's her big day.

i love all the shoes, i think the BP one is my fave.

Breakfast at Katie's said...

Pretty! I like the 50s/60s shape. I love shoes #3, 4 and 5! Have a great time in Belize! That will be so much fun!

Vanessa said...

The Lanah pumps for sure, they look so classy and you can wear them with a LBD another day and they'll make your legs look a mile long :-)

L0veLindsey said...

Either 3 or 4!

Queenie said...

Thanks ladies for your votes...My family (who reads the blog) but rarely comments all like #2 & #5...those 2 have been winning the votes & they both are my favs!