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Friday, February 11, 2011

Feliz Friday!

Sucias, I am so SORRY for neglecting to post this past week.  Life has been crazy!  I have been working out about 3-4 times a week, working, taking care of my boys, planning wedding shower stuff & the bestie/bride to be comes home next week!  By the time I get ready to write my blog I'm exhausted & just go to bed.
Last week I started walking at a fast pace with hand weights & ankle weights during my lunch break & continuing with my eating healthy...No beer still (its killing me) but I lost 1 pound.  The hubby took pics of me last week too, but according to him I was measuring myself incorrectly.  So I looked up how to measure yourself for weight loss & he was right.  I apologize hubby.  So my original measurements are out the door.  But that has not discouraged me from getting fit!
Here are the pictures from last week...
Sorry for the lighting on the 3rd pic...we forgot to turn on the room light LOL

For the Hell of it!
I weighed in last week at 136 LBS.  This week my weight has not changed  but I feel great!  I have not been bloated (even with my Aunt Flo visiting this past week) since I switched my diet & my jeans are fitting again!!!  I did not have a chance to take pictures of this week but I will try to on Sunday night, but I cannot promise.  My workout routine has been kicked up this week.  I have increased my weights to burn more fat & get toned quicker.  I also started running again & that was so much fun (said w/sarcasm).  After the first mile or so I wanted to die.  The last 2 blocks I was ready to stop & walk but thank goodness for Mr. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers jamming to "American Girl" on my Ipod & it got me to the end of my 3 mile run.

Also, I want to wish my #1 SUCIO aka Big Brother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
This picture was taken a couple of years ago but his face is so "Rico Suave" I had to post it.  "One Love" Birthday Boy!
Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend, the weather is amazing here in Cali!  Till next time Sucias!  



Valerie's Junk Drawer said...

Lookin' Good! You bringing your running shoes to the island?

Vanessa said...

Looking great! I started pilates this week and EVERYTHING hurts lol. I understand the exhaustion at the end of the day, but we can do this!

Breakfast at Katie's said...

Good Job girl! You are looking great! :)