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Monday, February 28, 2011

It's just another Manic Monday...

...I wish it were Sunday!  Yesterday was such a fun day for me.  I woke up early & went to downtown L.A. to pick up some material that I had on hold & I found a really cute romper for $15.00!!!

When I came home I talked my mommy into coming with me to Nordstroms.  We shopped for some new make-up.  I picked up a new shadow for the weddings & can't wait to try it, "Expensive Pink"...
Also, I wanted to try on shoes for the weddings so I stopped by the shoe department and the ones I had my eyes on (you might remember from my Shoe post SEE HERE) were not on display but the sales associate found a pair of the Steve Madden Fifi heels in the back. 

I tried them on & fell in LOVE!  There was a small smudge on the inside of the heel so he offered to have another pair shipped to my house but with my luck, they were the only 8 1/2 left in the ENTIRE Nordies company & then he proceeded to tell me they go on Sale on Wednesday but he was able to give me the Sales price right then and there & so I purchased the last pair in my size for $69.99 instead of $99.99!!!!  How AWESOME is that?

We finished off the night with a date with Mr. Oscar!  How fab did everyone look?  I think the Best Dressed out shinned the Worst Dressed by far last night.  Some of my favorite looks were Jennifer Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Hale Berry & Sandra Bullock.

Did you watch the Oscars last night?  Did you have any favorites?  Did you have any least favorites?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Till Wednesday Sucias!



Valerie's Junk Drawer said...

i bought that romper yesterday.

I love reese w. BUT hated the dress...actually I loved it, but in 96' when I wore to winter formal.

Sandra Bullock's dress won me over. And when Anne Hathaway wore her hair in the side bun.

Favorite Oscar moment: Kirk Douglas. He just loves life.

Miss K said...

such a cute romper!

glad you found a pink shadow, it looks like a great color!

Queenie said...

Thanks ladies, can't wait to wear the romper to dinner in Belize, but not on the same night Val LOL

Breakfast at Katie's said...

Love the Romper and that eye shadow! And the shoes! Love it all! It's so fun to have an event to look forward to and plan for and shop for! Not many of my friends plan so far ahead like I do, so it's fun in this blogging world to find other people that get just as excited over stuff like I do! I hope this week goes fast..I'm ready for another weekend!

Vanessa said...

Love the romper! I wish I could pull those off :-). Swatches of the shadow please!

Queenie said...

Katie ~ Thanks! I know exactly what you mean. It is one of the things I look forward to when planning a trip.

Vanessa ~ You can pull them off, you just have to rock it & rock it good...if you're confident you will glow in your outfit! BTW, I am a make-up dummy (seriously, I need to buy "Make-up for Dummies") but can you please tell me what a "Swatch" of the shadow is? & I promise I will post it for you LOL

Vanessa said...

lol, no problem! A swatch is when you try the color on the back of your hand or on your arm to see what it looks like once it's on :-)