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Friday, March 4, 2011

Feliz Friday Review!

Feliz Friday Sucias!  This week I lost another pound...I'm currently down to 133Lbs., that is 5Lbs down!  Here are my updated pictures (sorry, but I hate loading pics on here & I hate that I can't do side by side)...

As promised I am going to review all my purchases for my up coming trip to BELIZE, lets start shall we?...
1).  I had previously done a post about this item (see here) ~ Kodak Play Sport...it is an underwater HD video camera (can't wait to take it snorkeling) & it takes still pics...maybe I'll start doing video blogs! 
2).  Board Shorts...I live next to a Quiksilver outlet & so I got these for $20!  These are for the day we go to the Mayan Ruins & Cave Tubing.
3).  This is the bathing suit that I talked about in this weeks post.  I found it at Target for $7.48 for top & $7.48 for bottoms, however, I'm taking it back.  I tried it on & it is way to small plus I pulled out all the suits that I'm going to take & I have way more than enough...so if anyone is interested go to Target, its on clearance!
4).  I bought this Maxi months ago at Ross for $14.99 (especially for this trip) & forgot all about it until the other day I was thinking about what dress I might want to take.
5).  This is my travel top for the airplane...it's soft & comfy I can throw it on with some leggins & flats & I'm good for the ride.  I found this in the Nautical section at Forever 21 for $11.99, I have a weakness for stripes :)
6).  Another find at Forever 21 for $24!  They are super comfy & perfect for going to dinner on the Island, cause trust me I'm not packing my heels for this trip!
7).  My mommy bought me this insanely cute scarf & will be sporting this 70's style over my head with my swim suit, I am very excited about this scar!

8).  This is going to be my "wedding" dress this year!  2 rehearsal dinners & 1 wedding in May, I think that is enough to qualify it for a "wedding" dress right?  I previously mentioned the Anthro Sing Sweetly party dress in a post (see here). 
9).  And a Food Journal!  I've been looking for a perfect journal that fits in my purse JUST FOR FOOD!  I know, I know, but I hate when you have something amazing & then can't remember where you had it or what the name of the dish was.  So to solve all my problems I'm going to use this little guy!
10).  Don't forget about the other items posted previously this week. 
There you have it Sucias!  I have had fun doing this post & can't wait to put all these purchases to use!  PARADISE here we come!

Till next time Sucias!



Miss K said...

great purchases!! i love love love that swimsuit! the color is going to be gorg on you!

Queenie said...

Thanks girlie, but the swim suit is going back LOL! Too small :(