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Monday, January 16, 2012

The truth about being a VEGETARIAN...

One of my goals for 2012 is to be a vegetarian for the entire year and hopefully make the change for the rest of my life.
While I was pregnant with my 3rd son I had developed a hernia and I started to have digestive problems.  My doctor right away wanted to do surgery to fix my hernia but I didn't feel or see the need to have surgery so I laid off meat for a couple of months and guess what I was feeling great again.  But I fell back to my old ways and started to have problems again!  So this time I decided to make the change and educate myself.  I had no clue what a "Vegan" was or what "Vegetarian" really meant.  I bought a book, watched tons of documentaries and googled the poop out of "Vegan vs. Vegetarian".  It was big eye opener as to what we are really eating and putting in our bodies!  Hormones & pesticides YUCK!  Aside from that I was horrified to find out how animals are treated and slaughtered just so humans can gorge themselves with the only protein we have be taught to consume.  So I went Vegan for 2 months straight but the holidays came & being Hispanic & a baked goods LOVER it is pretty darn hard to just say no to Animal Products.  However, those 2 months were a testimony that I can do this &  that animal products are just not right for me and my body.

Therefore, I have devoted myself to not eat meat for the entire year because 1). I feel that an animal should not have to die for me to eat & 2). My digestive system, energy & skin feels awesome when I do not consume any MEAT or milk.

It has been 16 days since I have consumed any meat, milk or eggs.  I use vegan butter instead of regular butter and eat tons of organic fruits and veggies.  This leads me to my next fun chapter of my blog, I have decided to share & post some recipes for you.  I love when people share and I love to share with people, so stay tuned this week for more post on some yummy foods!!!


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