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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weighing in...

When I was on a mission to lose weight for Belize last year I started out at 138 lbs. and dropped down to 133 lbs for the trip.  Well needless to say I had packed on the pounds again.  Yup that's right I went right back to 138 lbs.  My pants were fitting tighter and my shirts were showing off my beer baby but I refused to buy bigger clothes!  Around June 2011 (still at 138lbs.) & decided I was done being flabby and set a weight loss goal of 125 lbs.  I started to walk with one of my friends.  We would walk 5-7 miles every other day and hit the gym on days we didn't walk.  When it came to July/August I had decided to change my eating habits.  That's when I read "Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedmand and Kim Barnouin.  Wow was it a wake up call to what we are stuffing our faces with.  I was completely disgusted and went strict vegan for about 2 months but kept up being a vegetarian the rest of the time.  I eventually started to run again and was running 8 min. miles and doing 3 miles every morning.  By October I had lost a total of 15 lbs., I was 123 lbs.!  I stopped running around November due to the crazy holiday schedules and started to eat and eat a lot!  I even started to eat meat!!!  Much to my surprise when I stepped on the scale on January 1st I weighed in at 126 lbs., that was only 1 lb. over my goal!  On Jan. 3rd I had decided to start juicing every day.  I quickly dropped those 3 lbs. I had gained over the holidays (that honestly only made me feel bloated) and now I'm back down to 123 lbs.  I am extremely happy with where I am at.  I am wearing size 3 jeans and the only thing I am focused on is getting back into shape.  I am slowly starting to run 3 miles in the morning (not every day yet) and I started to play soccer again (boy does that make me feel old, haha)!  And I still love food!

Christmas 2010 (138 lbs)

Christmas 2011 (123 lbs)
What a difference a year makes!  I have decided to start posting some yummy recipes (healthy ones and every now and then not so healthy ones).  I think its okay to indulge and reward yourself every now and then, just not on an everyday basis.

See you on Wednesday!

Till next time!



Luciana said...

I am excited about this blog!
Ive been working 50+ hours a week and I'm doing grad school full time. The first thing that went out the window (or out of my schedule) is working out. To compensate I started juicing everyday aswell.
I'm looking forward to reading some recipes....

Queenie said...

Thanks Prima! I'll have to look for some good juices for you :)