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Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to Hollywood!

Yesterday was my Big Brother's 32nd Birthday and to celebrate he invited us to the W Hotel in Hollywood to have some drinks, dance and have some fun!  And boy or boy did we have some FUN!!!
hubby, me, brother's gf & brother

having drinks in his room before going to the club

me from head to toe

me and the hubby in the lounge

las primas (the cousins)

in club drai's with my gf's

me and the hubby on the terrace

brother, cousin L & me

brother & me
I am being asked more frequently for recipes, and I am LOVING it!  It makes me want to try new things, reinvent some of my favorites and cook/juice more at home.  Therefore, I have decided to start posting more recipes, so be on the look out!

Till tomorrow!



Miss K said...

i love the dress!! you look super hot in it!!

Queenie said...

Thanks Miss K! I loved it and had to get it!!!