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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Bump Update...

I'm playing catch up with my Baby Bump Updates...
24 Weeks ~ Baby Nado Loves LA!  Seriously, whenever Randy Newman's "I Love LA" comes on after a Dodger victory, this little baby starts to dance in mommy's tummy.
24 weeks

25 weeks
Weighing in:  At 25 weeks, I'm feeling huge!  I've gained 17 pounds to date.  I'm still doing 3 mile runs (jogs) a couple times a week.  I've been able to wear some regular clothes still...the Target tank tops are my favorite!  In my 24 weeks picture I'm wearing Forever 21 regular shorts & in 25 weeks picture I'm wearing Gap maternity jeans.  A majority of my bottoms, aside from my skirts (with elastic waist) & workout shorts/capris, are now maternity.

Diet:  I often am asked if I'm still juicing & I am!  My daily diet is usually:  Oatmeal in the AM topped with chopped walnuts, blueberries & honey.  A small glass of watered down OJ & a small cup of coffee.  For Lunch the hubby usually makes me a big glass of yummy juice.  It varies from day to day with whatever we have in the fridge, but mostly consists of an apple, pear, carrots, spinach &/or kale & cucumber.  And for dinner I usually eat whatever there is or whatever I feel like eating.  It can be anything as simple as a bowl of beans with a romaine salad to a steak.  While I try to eat vegetarian, meat still sneaks in there every now and then :)

Till next time!

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